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Improve Visibility

Have a 360-degree view of the legal activity through the modular reporting tools resulting in stronger relationships between legal firms and clients and reducing legal spend.

Drive Collaboration

Have your collaborative workspace that establishes a network where all the information is available to everyone regardless of the absence of any contributor.

Enhance Accessibility

Work from anywhere at any time and keep your data reachable resulting in the ability to provide accurate and timely responses.

Multiple Language Support

Speak your client's language. App4Legal is available in several languages: English, French, Spanish, and Arabic. Language is configurable based on customer needs.

One solution that replaces them all

Matter & Contract Management

Organize your Corporate Matters, Advisory Requests, Agreements, track all related legal data & documents for collaboration

Litigation Cases & Hearings

Customize your Litigation Process, Stages and Hearings. Manage your Hearings Roll Session per Court, your Tasks and Litigation data

Manage Financials

Log your Billable Time, Expenses, Bills and create your Invoices with your own template to share with your clients. Manage your Statements.

Reports & Dashboards

Generate your reports & KPIs by one click and access your Dashboard to monitor your work efficiently

Work from home with App4Legal 

Maintain the same level of efficiency as if you are in your office

Private & Secure

Privacy is an integral part of everything we do at App4Legal. We comply with the most up to date IT management and security policies. We use advanced, industry-recognized security measures to ensure that your data will be kept private and protected at all times.

We Value Our Customers' Testimonials

Souhayel Tayeb

Chief Legal and Governance Officer
at CBD Bank
App4Legal helped us to maximize the use of legal tech. Moreover, App4Legal has been proven to be a high-end solution that greatly assisted us in developing CBD's legal practice.

Fivos Sarelis

Senior Legal Consultant
easy and instinctive use - practical and satisfies practical considerations comprehensive - covers all my daily actions facilitates team work and assignment of matters and tasks fantastic at track work flow and stages of projects and matters

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