Every firm wants to improve its productivity regularly and wants technically advanced solutions. Since we are evolving as a civilization in terms of technology, the legal world is slowly finding its way towards digital software for law firms. Multiple law firms have begun investing in legal tech software to improvise their old/traditional practices, which has brought a new speed in their work culture and also helped them become cost-efficient.

There might be several legal tech software companies out there, but what separates App4legal from the competitors are it’s out of the box features. It provides legal time tracking software, litigation management software, client portal software, in-house legal case management software and many other features. Due to these, App4legal has consolidated many trusted partners. They vouch for App4legal’s ability in providing a smooth functioning for day to day tasks.

Unique App4legal Features for Efficiency and Increased Productivity
1. Cloud Services

App4legal provides best cloud services that allow both the lawyers and clients of any firm to access their documents, contracts and notes. All the papers can be shared in a secured manner that allows complete data protection and is GDRP certified. It offers a secure way of sharing and storing documents of different types in one place. This allows proper documentation which helps an individual to access all the data with ease and comfort.

2. Outlook and Gmail

All data on One Platform

There are multiple email accounts and different websites that receive thousands of emails daily. App4legal has provided a single platform by connecting with both Outlook and Gmail. It saves time for both lawyers and their clients and helps them to review emails in an organised manner, which brings efficiency in their work.

Sync Emails

The users can include the entirety of mails or select parts which they need at the moment. It helps increase focus and remove distractions such as other pending work and files from the platform.

Different Logins

The users can access the account of another user by clicking on “Log E-mail as” tab. It will allow a free flow of information such as litigation cases, court hearings etc. between the team members, which will increase team efforts and bring transparency to work. However, to keep data secure, there are individual login credentials that will secure the data of a particular lawyer.

3. Time and Task Management

Legal Time Tracking Software for Law Firms

App4legal is robust legal billing and time tracking software. It is effortless and intuitive and can be used to calculate billable hours, record the logged in hours and track individuals from anywhere.

If you can understand the bifurcation of time (invested in clients), and the amount of attention each project gets, you will be able to increase your productivity and utilise the time appropriately substantially. App4legal allows categorisation of time logs and link them to matters, cases, contracts and tasks. It provides a clear report that shows you exactly where your efforts are spent so that you can improvise if need be and work at different assignments at the same time with equity.

Litigation/task Management Software For Law Firms

Whether you are a small or large scale firm, managing the tasks of your employees can be difficult. In law firms, each lawyer has various duties such as court hearings, stages of a trial, contract dates etc. and it is often difficult to keep track of these.

To ease your responsibilities, App4legal ‘Task Management’ provides a flexible yet powerful platform that helps manage your tasks smoothly. It allows you to divide the work according to priority, urgency and category and helps you collaborate on different files on the same platform. Any member from the team can make the required changes and keep others in the loop via email facilities available within App4legal. App4Legal can be tailored to fit any firm’s workflow, and the module gives detailed insights into every case in one place and makes the firm productive and profitable.

4. Client Portal

Any firm’s primary focus is to satisfy their clients. After all, they are the ones for whom the companies work. App4legal ‘Client Portal’ helps the firms to interact with their clients directly on a single platform. It ensures clarity, transparency and quick response for client’s issues. At App4legal Client Portal, all the clients are enlisted, and anyone online can be noticed as the green dot beside their names would indicate. The information between the clients and lawyers can easily flow, and proper record of all shared documents is built so that there is no space for future discrepancies. The portal has an easy to use interface with options such as advance search, credential login, admin control and many other features available.

 5. Pricing

App4legal offers the best plans in the market for its clients. They are highly flexible and can be tailored according to the needs of individual firms, and the services can be tried and tested for free in the initial phase.

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