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Part of running your own law firm means learning how to run a business. To run your successful law practice business, you will need to become an expert at client intake and marketing. Learning legal marketing is one of the most important skills you need to develop when you first start your law firm and manage to search for opportunities to generate new business.

Law firm marketing used to be simpler. Aside from referrals, most law firms and lawyers’ marketing strategy consisted of print advertisements, TV commercials and billboards that always seemed to follow the same script; (You need lawyers? Hire X law firm) or  (“were YOU unfairly injured and want COMPENSATION?)

Things are changing so fast, and consequently, the marketing game has changed.

What solo lawyers and law firm owners need to understand is to know the “Buyer decision-making process” this helps to identify how clients complete the journey from knowing about your business to making the decision of hiring.

Understanding the customer’s buying process is essential for marketing and sales.

Clients go through five steps:

  1. Problem Recognition.
  2. Information Search.
  3. Evaluation of Alternatives.
  4. In-take Decision.
  5. Post-Evaluation.

Your target audience now spending at least 8 hours surfing online websites a day, and when they need to hire an attorney, the majority of them go to Google instead of other traditional means. 

More than 70% of them prefer to get their questions answered and learn about your law firm via online articles rather than ads, and they frequently do their research on a mobile device.

While there is a lot of opportunities, but client in-take may be slowing down a little bit. What you do right now is absolutely going to direct what happens in the upcoming. we ‘re making this blog to help lawyers take advantage of the current situation and equip them with marketing hacks they can use to get more clients.

1- Optimize your Online Presence 

It’s crucial for law firms to rank in the maps. You can do it simply by increasing relevance, increasing prominence, and expanding location radius.

a- how-to increase relevance:


Select Correct Google Categories

Type “Attorney” & “Lawyer,” In Google My Business Categories, and then select relevant categories.  

Get Reviews

Send simple questions to your clients to get better reviews. Trust me, it works. 

b- How to Increase Prominence

To increase prominence, law firms and solo lawyers need to create local business listings from well-known websites, local bar directories, local chamber of commerce and other local organizations.

c- How to expand location radius

There are many ways to increase the distance reach. For instance, you can add Geo-Tagged interior and exterior Pictures to GMB Listings and add drive directions. Just go to maps.google.com, search for your business, and  click “Directions”  

2- Fast and Appealing Website 

No doubt, your business website is your number one marketing asset. Your website, functionality, design, and user experience must compete with the top websites your prospects have ever visited. For doing this, your website needs to be appealing, fast, easily found, and mobile-friendly.

Website users expect a website to load in a few seconds (3 to 5) seconds or under. If it doesn’t load, then they will go back.

Visit Google’s PageSpeed Insights to test the speed of your site. If it’s red, then you need to check with your web team to figure it out.

As most people happen to smartphones or Ipads over desktop screens, websites need to be mobile friendly and optimized for smartphones.

Test your website on your mobile. Do the contact buttons work? Are the photos sized correctly? Is the text large enough to read? If it’s not the most beautiful, easiest thing you’ve ever seen, ask your web team to work on it.

3- Invest in Content Marketing and SEO

As the saying goes, content is the king. When you create reliable content, you build a trusting website with credibility, which is fundamental for client intake. Your website needs to be easy to read, easy to navigate and lists your entire practice areas.

Blogging is very crucial for your marketing strategy. High-quality blogs draw people to your website and make you a legal resource. Your blog should share interesting and informative articles such as items associate to your law firm while establishing a professional tone.

Reliable content needs to be optimized, so you can ensure that your website will be easily found by search engines.

We covered making your website fast and mobile-friendly, which is half the battle in search engine optimization (SEO) for lawyers.  Your next step is to focus on the other aspects of SEO, including:

  • Optimizing your landing pages for specific action-related keywords, like “corporate litigation practices”
  • Optimizing images and adding keyword-rich descriptions
  • Adding relevant markup and keywords in title, image, and heading tags

Top tools to make your website SEO-friendly on a small budget?

  • SEMrush is a leading competitor analysis tool that helps users evaluate their competitors as well as their own content. It provides robust metrics and allows users to get top-performing pages, content, and keywords.
  • Ahrefs is used for backlink audits, competitive analysis, URL rankings, keyword research, and more. It generates diverse keywords on a single research query.

4– Ensure active presence on Social Media

In the digital era, all people are now having a profile on social media. There is a wide range of social media networks, you will need to choose the right one the suits your business. 

Social media can help in many directions as it can broader content distribution, increase online visibility, and enhance brand recognition. 

5- Create your free online profiles

Your business website is just one place where potential clients can reach you, but it isn’t the only one. There are a lot of opportunities you can claim from free review sites.

Here’re top free platforms to market your firm online:

a-  Avvo

If you haven’t already done it, go ahead and claim your Avvo profile. Fill it with pictures and endorsements from fellow attorneys, and enjoy the free listing that will almost certainly be one of the top search results when you search for your name.

b- Yelp

Create your free page through Yelp for Business owners and add your logo and pictures to encouraging clients to write positive reviews.

c- Google My Business

Get the max out of GMB and allow clients to post their reviews. You can also edit work hours, add photos, and post updates about your law firm.

d- Apple Maps

It helps iPhone and iPad users who are using Apple’s included navigation software. Create an Apple ID, and once you’ve set up your ID, Apple will create a listing for your business in which you can edit your business information; add a website, social media links, business categories, hours, and address will be very useful for your clients and potential clients to find you.


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