Legal firms have begun incorporating technical software in their day-to-day work culture to increase their productivity, revenue, and to save time simply. The AI-based software has helped lawyers to move past the tasks which were recurrent in nature, and focus more on aspects of growth, expansion and efficiency. App4legal is a complete practice management software for all legal practitioners that helps them engage with their clients more profoundly, get deep insights into their work ethics and balance their time and revenue, to bring out the best possible outcome.

App4legal has over the years collected accolades of many faithful clients. They often praise the software for holding unique features that have helped them stay ahead of their tasks and keep up to the mark. It’s features help in practical life and carries out errands independently. The more you add information to the software, the more intuitive it becomes towards your desired result. It covers daily actions such as generating reports, documentation, task management, workflow tracking and much more. As it is a known fact, that lawyers life is simply a collection of courts cases, dates, stages of hearings and client meetings, App4legal makes sure that a lawyer gets a snapshot of all that is due in terms of work, so that they can promptly and proficiently finish their tasks.  Some of the unique features are as follows:


Notification system 

As a lawyer, it becomes challenging to keep in mind, the dates, court hearings, stages of cases, clients meeting and other important events. Therefore, the need for software that can remind one about all such events becomes essential. App4legal has an inbuilt Notification System, that alerts the user whenever there is an event coming up. It also can help the leaders to alert their team members about any urgency. They need not worry about sending emails or setting conferences but create an event on the software, which would notify all the other associates.


There are thousands of reports generated every month in a firm regarding different tasks by employees, and often the information is lost amongst the labyrinth of data. With App4legal’s ‘Reporting System’, you can create reports on a unified platform that provides clarity so that the intended data is taken out in minutes. Due to this, the performance of the firm grows substantially based on insightful details, and better tactical and strategic decisions are taken to manage the legal practices.

App4legal’s reporting system is a boon for the leaders. It provides a dashboard system, where the performance of the employees can be tracked and monitored in depth. The data from different sources are collected so that you can be aware of the statuses of work projects. Further, the reports help in analysing the workflow so that the no single employee is overburdened. It also links the reports to the time tracking data, through which the time invested in fulfilling the given task are also recorded.  At the month’s end, KPI reports help show the growth of the firm in achieving key objectives and how effectively the teams have been in tackling their cases.


 Intellectual Properties Management

App4legal’s, ‘Intellectual Properties Management system’, helps the IP professionals to manage their properties. It combines all the properties to a single platform, where both the internal and external contributors can collaborate and work on it. The database of all trademarks, patents, logos and more helps make the best decision for inventive submissions and litigations.

App4Legal trademark management software streamlines IP processes and makes it easy to add all renewal dates, expiry dates, and all information related to your intellectual properties. One can remember these dates through pops and emails and manage all petitions, oppositions, and lawsuits. With App4legal, you can never miss a minute. There are options for setting time logs, to track the time you spend working on activities and tasks related to your Intellectual properties, so you can see exactly where the time goes and improve productivity.

Admin Control Panel

App4legal provides a unique ‘Client Portal’, with Admin Control Panel. With the help of it, you can choose the files, document and data which the clients can access. There are many confidential files which the firm cannot risk to exposure; Admin Control helps the firm securely keep the information. The admin will determine whether the client should see or change the status of the matter concerning the clients. You can manage user permissions and access from the administration section. Admin access can be shared with anyone in-charge so that the decisions can be made collectively by different team leaders. 

Outlook and Gmail features

App4Legal is a web-based solution available on-server or on-cloud and supports a mobile application for both iOS & Android. It is also connected with Outlook and Gmail, which syncs all the emails to a single platform. Since law firms often have employees with different mail platforms, this feature helps them share emails quickly and boosts team collaboration. It also helps focus attention, as the user can select a specific part of the email to work with. It helps in removing the unnecessary data which is not relevant for the current project. 

Version Control System

With Version Control System of App4legal, legal firms will never lose their documents, not even the edited versions of them.  Version control system helps the users with two important aspects; one, it records the name and date of the person who made changes to the documents; secondly, it keeps both edited and previous version of the manuscript for future reference.  These features help the users to keep track of all the members who have made changes to the data. It also creates versions of the same manuscript, so that anyone can refer to the different versions and understand the progress made through time. It helps the firm to know how the team is working and how many changes they drive through a given task.

Technical Account Manager (TAM)

Each Legal Team is unique, and need customised changes to the portal so that they can adjust it with the workflow of the firm. App4legal offers ‘Technical Assistance’ to all its users so that they can extract the maximum benefits out of their investment. The Technical Account Manager TAM is an experienced solution advisor which helps the clients with a hot-line phone number, on-site assistance, live remote training and remote implementation. As the names of various services suggest, the team assists the users from day one, when they start using App4legal for their legal practices, to the last day.

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