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Legal tech has emerged as a vivacious phoenix and has been reshaping how legal firms and professionals work over the past few years. Now when flexible workspace has become the new normal, working on the go more popular, legal practitioners have come to recognize the true power, value, and need for adopting legal technology solutions all the more.

In a recent report by McKinsey, the global research and consultancy firm, it has been estimated that over 23% of legal practices can be automated leveraging emerging cognitive technologies. This further reinstates the fact that like every other business sector, the legal industry also has a huge scope of implementing emerging technology to spearhead better productivity and higher ROI. The rising demand for technology solutions in the legal industry has birthed a novel industry on its own, the legal tech industry. Legal tech as an industry has been witnessing some astounding metrics in the past couple of years, not just in terms of adoption but even investments. 

Among firms of all sizes, and private solo practitioners,  the higher rate of legal technology adoption has been in the larger firms. Some of the most evident reasons behind the higher adoption level and the benefits of adopting legal technology solutions are listed below: 

  • Financial affluence
    Unlike small law firms and solo practitioners who find investing in legal technology difficult due to their financial limitations, top law firms are at liberty to invest in legal technology owing to their financial affluence.
  • Open to technology adoption
    Owing to considerably higher participation of young legal professionals who have studied from top law schools, top firms are often more open toward the idea of integrating technology into their practices. This acts as a pivot for technology adoption.
  • Larger workforce to be managed
    The larger the law firm or corporate the larger the legal team(s). Hence, to manage the whole team and keep them connected and updated becomes a herculean task for most organizations. This is where legal technology solutions work wonders. 

With the growing popularity of legal technology, more and more firms and corporates are exhibiting inclination towards deploying technology solutions to amplify productivity, and efficiency while raising the work standards and ensuring a higher ROI. App4Legal has emerged as the most preferred legal technology partner for large firms and corporates that meets all the needs of organizations of such scale. Let us dig deeper into App4Legal’s offerings to the esteemed users that have made it the most preferred legal technology solution provider below:

  • Automated workflow
    The state-of-the-art technology solution from App4Legal allows large firms to automate and streamline work processes, amplify productivity, and enhance the efficacy across teams in the organization.
  • One-stop solution
    App4Legal solution for large firms is a holistic solution that enables the users to store all cases related data and documents, pull out relevant information and reports, prepare cases, contracts, templates, as well as invoices, all over a single platform without having to compromise with their legal practice.
  • Enhanced customer portal
    The App4Legal Customer Portal makes client communication more effective and organized. With this feature, it is not only easier to upload and update documents related to the cases, but also to stay in constant and instant connection with the clients. App4Legal ensures that the users are able to offer a better customer experience which in turn helps in amping the ROI and client retention.
  • Generating instant reports
    Generating reports is a lot easier and faster with App4Legal’s technology solution. It is equipped with high-class reporting and analytics features that ensure accurate insight and accountability of all the internal processes and issues, while also offering expert resolutions and acumens for imminent business decisions.
  • Higher data security
    The App4Legal software is built keeping the importance of data security and GDPR compliance in mind. It comes with multi-layered data security to guarantee optimum data protection. The servers and network infrastructure in the cloud storage system are located in global data centers with data encryption and round-the-clock monitoring of the application to circumvent any threats to the data.
  • Contract and litigation management
    App4Legal software helps legal professionals manage contracts and litigations. It helps to organize case matter, draft error-free contracts, manage hearings and data collaboration, and track all processes.
  • Streamlining financial processes
    Not just legal and administrative tasks, App4Legal also streamlines financial operations right from tracking and managing bills, accounts, expenses, generating statements and invoices on the fly, and more with its integrated accounting features. 
  • Efficient time management
    The App4Legal solution also acts as a virtual timekeeper. Now you will never miss another deadline or hearing date as the software is equipped with an innate calendar that synchronizes with the emails and appoints to set automated reminders for important timelines.  
  • Enabling working on the go
    With a centralized database and the innumerable integrated features and add-ons like on-device application integration, email synchronization (for both Gmail and Outlook/O365), and more, App4Legal allows the entire team to stay connected and updated over a single platform. With its innate ability to process and perform tasks from anywhere anytime, this makes remote working and team collaborations real and easy.

“App4Legal has helped us structure all legal data including litigation, corporate and transactional data, over a single platform which is highly secured, and easily accessible. It is a turnkey solution that has helped our processes become more efficient, productive, and compliant.” – App4Legal user.

“App4Legal is a 360-degree software that allows us to access and process any data or case-related matter without having to switch tools. It comes with an extremely user-friendly interface that is easy to learn even without any training.” – App4Legal user.

At App4Legal we strive to keep our wheel of innovation turning and keep upgrading our existing features and offerings while also investing time and research in developing newer ones to offer our users the optimum and ultimate legal technology solutions. Our happy customers are the testimonials and rewards to the hard work we continue to do to leverage and integrate technology in legal processes. If you want to see yourself in the list of top legal firms and haven’t deployed technology solutions to your business, it is high time you get it done.

Visit us at https://www.app4legal.com/ and select the package that suits your bill. Our technical assistants will be happy to help you with the onboarding as well as the entire journey.


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