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We’re excited and honoured to have been named at the forefront of “The 10 Most Trustworthy Legal Tech Companies, 2019 at Mirror Review Magazine” .

Mirror Review is a leading business magazine platform for technologists and business people, covering all the sectors of the technology.

We received this recognition for our role in bridging the gap between technology and law practices, and for being a trusted partner for lawyers and legal practitioners.

Since 2012, App4Legal offers solutions for legal practitioners along with modules loaded with features that allow lawyers to focus on their work while taking care of all of the time-consuming workloads.

A Full-Featured Platform to Scale up your Legal Practice

Most legal practices are adopting the “wait and see” tactic when it comes to new technology. Currently, things are changing so fast around us, and the legal profession is becoming more and more competitive. Thus, there is an urgent need to utilize tools, like App4Legal, which will help you as a legal practitioner stay many steps ahead of your competitors.

App4Legal is specially designed to meet the needs of growing small, mid-size, and large law firms, along with in-house legal departments as well. It enhances clarity, collaboration, and accountability. It springs you peace of mind to create project scope, assign work to your team, record work hours and keep everything on track with the insightful data.

Implementing App4Legal as a comprehensive legal case management software will help law firms work as a cohesive team. Users will no longer have to deal with lost paperwork, delayed payments, or, missed deadlines. The ability to centralize your cases, reports, and payments in one easier and faster platform will improve efficiency and save more time for new cases. App4Legal is designed with optimized customer service in mind. From quick search to detailed case notes, we empower your law firm to help clients faster, and more importantly, better than before. Satisfying your client’s expectations can be a daunting process, but the right legal case management software will ease it.

One Modern Solution to Manage and Grow your Legal Practice

Multi-user Profiles

Bring all parties in the legal team in one unified platform with full permission capabilities, where you can add more than one user and assign different Permissions to each one of them.

Increase efficiency

Radically reduce time spent on tasks with an intelligent and intuitive platform designed to reduce administrative processes and increase productivity in tailored workflows.

Effectively manage Matters & Cases

Full Corporate Matters & Litigation Cases life-cycle support, including pre-matter, automatic conflict of interest check, structured information gathering, document preparation and more.

Categorize your Contracts

A fully fledged module to manage your contracts, approval centers, automation, templates, privacy and much more.

Capture every minute in time logs

App4Legal allows you to track time logs on-the-fly. Automatic or Manual, get a full overview of what your team is working on, detect any bottlenecks, and improve the team’s efficiency.

Work Anywhere,​ Anytime

For a legal practitioner, there is nothing more important in the workflow than making the most out of the time. Our mission is to help legal practitioners make the most of it by streamlining their workflow and enabling teams to collaborate and communicate with other teams and clients from anywhere. App4Legal is compatible with all browsers and comes with a native mobile app compatible with iOS and Android systems. 

All in one Place

Have you ever lost a document or received an urgent call about a case placed in your storage? Have your employees’ misplaced paperwork before it’s been filed? If these issues sound acquainted to you, App4Legal will help you have access to all the Matters, Litigation Cases, Legal Corporate data, Contracts & Legal Documents anytime and from anywhere. Your team can now collaborate on matters everyone from their own places. 

What makes App4Legal a Multi-dimensional Solution?

Multiple Language Support

App4Legal is available in several languages

On-Cloud / On-Server 

App4Legal supports a different mode of infrastructures: on-cloud, Private SaaS and on-server. Yours to decide.

Customer Portal Interface

Have a real-time communication with clients, share documents, and update matters through a Customer Portal interface that is directly integrated with App4Legal.

App4Legal Add-ons

Access and synchronize all relevant App4Legal matters right from Microsoft Outlook or Google Gmail through Google Connect and Outlook Connect add-ons.

App4Legal Mobile App

Download App4Legal Mobile app and get constant connectivity with legal documents and updates anywhere, anytime.    

Get a free trial to discover more

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