App4Legal is a game-changing case management solution for modern law firms and legal practitioners willing to unleash their strategic ambitions.

Combining comprehensive document management and legal accounting functionality, we support the day-to-day running of your law firm, so that your clients will always come first.
We are headquartered in New York, USA, with an adjunct office in Dubai, UAE. As a company that prides itself on focusing on what our clients want, our experts at App4Legal have been focused on solving the complex needs of legal departments, solo lawyers, and in-house legal departments to build their success and foster their profitability.

Managing a growing law firm is a full-time job, but App4Legal makes it so much easier. We have conducted many case studies with several of our current customers to highlight how App4Legal has helped them expand their case-load while keeping their overhead manageable.

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We’re the kind of people that focus on what we do best. Our design and development team have extensive industry experience and have taken advice from law firms and Law Society. Our specialized expertise enables you to use data and software more effectively so you can build stronger relationships, work more efficiently, and run more profitably.

App4Legal is an all-in-one legal solution that can empower your law firm to manage the client life cycle more effectively — from business development and client acquisition to service delivery and operations as well as billing and collections.

We work with organizations worldwide, enabling them to gain greater insight from their data and execute more effectively based on that insight. App4Legal helps organization, streamlines workflow and facilitates collaboration by incorporating best-in-class case management capabilities, a powerful accounting system and a fully integrated software in a single platform.

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Our mission is to provide law firms and legal practitioners with the most reliable and effective solutions for managing a legal practice, along with the best customer service support in the industry.