App4Legal Core

App4Legal is a complete law practice management solution that enables law firms and in-house legal practitioners to manage cases and automate their work processes. App4Legal keeps matter details organized, streamlines daily work and workflows, and allows legal practitioners to collaborate on top of corporate matters, litigation cases, contracts and legal tasks.

Out Of The Box Features

Matter Management

A centralized and accessible database to organize and manage legal matters including all related legal data and documents.

Case Management

Keep cases on track with centralized document storage, streamlined processes, and visibility into your firm's performance

Litigation and Hearings Management

Consolidate all the information that is relevant to a litigation case in one simple and easy to use platform.

Task Management

Track your tasks with our simple, intuitive interface, while keeping team members in the loop with email notifications as tasks are updated.

Client Management

Have a centralized contact database to ensure you will always have access to the most accurate and current client's data.

Time Tracking

Be more productive; create project scope, record work hours and keep everything on track with the insightful data.

Financial Management​

Track all money transactions in a built-in billing module with full accounting features that maximize efficiency and revenues.

Document Management System​

Keep all documents in one platform where you can find and share documents quickly and identify who last edited them.

Corporate Management

Make your corporate more collaborative, accessible and efficient with the leading practice management software

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Notifications System

Get instant notifications of any updates that happen within your firm and be alerted on-time to achieve your legal tasks.


Drive performance and get insightful reports. Analyze workflow performance and share the time tracking data.


Stay Reminded and have a roll-up of all firm-wide appointments, deadlines, and staff meetings on one central calendar.

Intellectual Properties Management

App4Legals’s Intellectual properties module assists in the tracking of all intellectual properties such as trademarks, copyrights, patents, and other intellectual property means.

Contract Management

A centralized module that allows users to manage the processes of contract creation, execution, and analysis to maximize operational performance at their work.

The best legal software for legal firms and in-house legal teams

App4Legal is the ultimate solution that provides a comprehensive legal management software and replaces all the tools needed by Legal Practitioners to track legal data, increase efficiency, automate workflows, and to reduce operations cost.
Designed with the Agility spirit to be a turnkey legal software for lawyers in law firms and in-house legal teams.

The best legal software for legal firms and in-house legal teams

App4Legal Core Features

Flexible legal software management

All matters, litigation cases, legal tasks, contracts, clients, expenses, time logs, bills, calendars, Intellectual Properties, legal documents, and much more are organized in one place that lawyers can access from anywhere.

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Hosting Models

App4Legal is a web-based solution available on-server or on-cloud and supports a mobile application for both iOS & Android.

Best Legal Software

Mobility that excites

Legal Practitioners can manage their legal operations and move work forward from anywhere, on any device.

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Multidimensional solution

A multi-currencies, multi-entities, multi-languages solutions support all sizes of legal teams in any country.