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Comprehensive Legal Management Software with Workflow & Task Automation

Everything Legal teams need to manage cases, clients, matters, tasks, documents and much more.

Trusted by 1400+ happy clients in 65+ countries

An All-in-one Solution For Any Legal Team

Case & Matter Management

Manage all Corporate Matters or Litigation Cases at every stage in a smart and agile central software workspace, where users can collaborate with internal and external stakeholders, keep track of legal deadlines and automate reminders sent as emails or notifications. .

Client Intake (CRM)

Manage all clients in an easy, searchable database using cloud-based client intake, with the ability to link related matters, tasks, expenses, and legal documents to specific companies or contacts; including leads, partners, and all collaborators or concerned parties – whether internal or external.

Task & Workflow Automation

Increase compliance between teams, and design your own workflows that streamline your operations, increase visibility and transparency, and ultimately result in a more productive and efficient unit.

Dashboards & Custom Metrics

Generate reports & KPIs and track custom metrics on single-view dashboards illustrating progress on all fronts including; productivity, finances, and virtually any custom metric users wish to track. Monitor closely and make better tactical and strategic business decisions.

Time Billing & Accounting

Track time and manage all transactions with a powerful billing module that allows users to create time entries, generate highly customizable electronic invoices, process payments, perform bank reconciliation, measure performance, integrate with other accounting apps and more.

Central Secure Repository

Manage, archive, and link all files and documents to their related cases, matters, contacts, and more using our advanced document management software. Enjoy unlimited data storage, configurable roles or permissions, and a user-friendly, searchable interface.

Integrate Seamlessly With 5000+ Popular Apps

Why App4Legal?​

Secure & Certified​

App4Legal conforms to the highest industry standards; GDPR compliance and PIPEDA compliance, prioritizing data security for all users

Multiple Languages & Currencies

App4Legal Core is available in multiple languages and supports multiple currencies

Available On-Cloud, On-Server & Private SaaS

App4Legal provides multiple hosting options that align with your organization’s demands

Free Training Videos & Documentation

Enjoy our full training video series with complete documentation including guides and instructions

Reduce Bottlenecks & Human Error
Make Remote Collaboration Easy
Track and Monitor Progress at Every Stage
Streamline Workflows & Increase ROIs

international presence & support

with our clients located in numerous countries and time zones, we provide worldwide support for our clients, 24/7

Get personalized support from our experienced solution advisors who will help you get the max-out of your investment in App4Legal

Customer Success Stories

Legal Advisor at DIB Bank

Easy and friendly solution to cover all needs of in-house legal departments from both corporate and litigation perspectives

Partner at Law Office of David Bortoune

App4Legal is a complete solution for the lawyer where he/she can find his/her workspace without switching from a tool to another. The interface is friendly and does not require training to start working with Cases. I like the expenses module (money module) where we can link cases, legal matters with time tracking, expenses and invoices.

Chief Operations Officer at Hammad - Al Mihdar Law Firm and Legal Consultations

A flexible solution for legal practice, that can be configured without complications and easy to use, has helped our lawyers at Hammad Al-Mihdhar Law Firm and Legal Consultations move from traditional methods to using the legal technology tool

Senior Legal Consultant at SEDCO

Easy and instinctive use - practical and satisfies practical considerations comprehensive - covers all my daily actions, facilitates teamwork and assignment of matters and tasks, fantastic at track workflow and stages of projects and matters.

Partner at Cabinet A. Saiid

Friendly and easy to use are the key words for App4Legal. The screens are intuitive and you generally won't loose yourself when working on it. Used and installed it on-premise, never failed me. New features on regular basis. Support team were quick to response and very helpful.

Head of Legal Department at Globemed

App4Legal experts provided us with excellent assistance & displayed a very friendly approach. App4Legal has proven to be a very efficient product to GlobeMed’s legal practice

Head of Legal Dept. Secretary & Board Secretary at Al Masraf Bank

Amazing and complete solution, we were able to standardize the legal requests workflow in an efficient Case Management solution. Lawyers can track and organize their matters efficiently and Management are receiving Reports on the fly.

Senior Foreign Counsel at Eptalex Law Firm

The ability to clearly see what's happening across a midsized law firm in a snapshot has helped streamline our workflow and the ability to customize to our office's needs was fantastic. Being able to input expenses and time spent on any case or matter in the moment (through the website or the app) gives us greater confidence in catching every dollar and minute.

Chief Legal and Governance Officer at CBD Bank

App4Legal helped us to maximize the use of legal tech. Moreover, App4Legal has been proven to be a high-end solution that greatly assisted us in developing CBD's legal practice.

Executive Administration Legal Department at CBD

App4Legal shifted completely the legal practice of lawyers at CBD. We are able now to generate structured reports on-the-fly, manage the capacity of the team and control deadlines and reminders from one single dashboard. this saved a huge amount of time for our department.

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