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The Ultimate Client Portal for Law Firms and In-house Legal Teams

App4Legal Client Portal makes App4Legal the robust legal client portal system where clients will be able to know the latest updates on their matters as well as provide their lawyers with the requested information without losing efficiency and in a self-service way.

law firm client portal

An all-in-one legal client portal

An all-in-one legal client portal to reduce back and forth emails and increase efficiency by tracking all legal data in an organized. App4Legal client portal system offers each client a secure virtual platform to view and access their case documents, filings, calendar, notices, and bills. Now, your client file is at your fingertips anytime, anywhere, in a self-service approach.

legal client portal

Manage Clients

Add and manage clients with ease by using App4Legal client portal, where a list of the active clients is viewed with their details and the green dot indicates that the client is active.

legal client portal software

Advanced search

The admin can use the advanced search to search for a specific client or any related information.

legal client portal system

Add information

Basic information such as the first name, last name, email, etc. can be filled out to be shared with the client upon logging in to the portal.

Credential login

A credential link should be copied and shared with the client in order to access the portal. The client will be directed to a page in order to enter the credentials given. the connection to the Client Portal will remain highly secure.

Branded Portal

Brand App4Legal client portal with your logo and color scheme, and link directly from your website. App4Legal client portal and forms are highly configurable without the IT intervention.

Easy-to-use Interface

Simply fill out the necessary fields the admin has created and submit it as a request to the user in App4Legal to take the appropriate actions.

App4Legal Client Portal

Ticket Tracking

Your requests will be submitted as a ticket, where the client will be able to track. The customer will be able to access those tickets from the Tickets button on the top menu.

Collaborate Easily

App4Legal client portal allows clients to collaborate and add comments in order to inform or share information such as attachments and more via the comments section inside the ticket.

Admin Control

The admin will determine whether the client should see or change the status of the matter on the client’s ticket or not. User permissions and access can be managed by you from the administration section.

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The ultimate legal client portal Software

App4Legal Client Portal is a module that allows App4Legal users in law firms or in-house legal teams to collaborate and communicate with their clients and requesters. Trusted by thousands of legal practitioners as the most flexible law firm client portal that enhances collaboration between legal teams and clients, App4Legal Customer Portal remains highly flexible to fit in any industry of any size.