App4Legal for Outlook

Connect your emails to your Matters & Cases from inside your Outlook.

Number of users should match with the users of App4Legal Core
No credit card required. Prices are in USD.



per user/month

billed annually

($14 month-to-month)



per user/month

billed annually

Top Frequently Asked Questions

These collected FAQs provide answers to basic questions about App4Legal pricing plans.

Yes, you can have access to a Free Trial for 30 days at any moment if you have already purchased App4Legal Core.

Also, when you sign-up for a “Free Trial” from our website, App4Legal for Outlook is already included in this trial so you can test it. Feel free to contact our support for any assistance on the installation on your Outlook.

A4O Office 365 supports Outlook for Mac with Microsoft exchange account available in Microsoft appsource as it works in all browsers. For Google accounts, there is an “App4Legal for Gmail” a  G-Suite addon available in Gsuite marketplace.

The number of users of App4Legal for Outlook should match with the number of users purchased for App4Legal Core. there is no minimum number of users for the On-Cloud. However, for the on-server, the minimum number of users is 10.

You can upgrade or downgrade the number of users of App4Legal for Outlook at any moment. The final number of users should always match the number of users of App4Legal Core.

There are two add-ons for App4Legal for Outlook, Windows Desktop App & Office 365.
Windows desktop app can be downloaded using the below link:

App4Legal for Outlook

Office add-on can be added from Store directly from Outlook or from App source Microsoft store

Sometimes, Microsoft Outlook disable all add-ons by default. You’ll need to enable your add-on from Outlook by following this link:

Outlook Add-On