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App4Legal Mobile App

Work collaboratively whenever and wherever your practice takes you.

Available on iOS and Android, App4Legal Mobile App lets you securely create, access and manage matters from where ever you are.

Comprehensive Dashboard

The homepage includes a summary of the latest information from different modules. From notifications, reminders, to matters and more the user will stay up to date.

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Update Information

Add information directly from the homepage by clicking on the plus sign on the bottom right. You will be able to start the timer, add a company, contact and more.

Access Modules

The user will be able to access all the modules and all related data in the system from the top left lines in the Mobile app.

Create new profiles

The user will be able to access the companies’ module where all the contacts are unified under one page. Users can always create new companies from the plus sign at the bottom of the page.

On-time Reminders

The user will be able to access the reminders by heading to the Reminders module from the mobile application, so the user will make sure not to miss out on any reminder set anytime and anywhere

Litigation Management

The user will be able to access litigation cases and manage them directly from the mobile application. The user can view, edit, log time and more.

Time Recording

Automatically record your billable time with accuracy and ease, direct from a matter. The user will be able to log time from the timer icon under every matter and do more actions from the three dots under the matter.

Task Management

The user will be able to add a task, note, hearing, expense and more directly from the grid. Moreover, the user can change the status of any task.

Add Attachments

The user will be able to upload attachments from the top plus sign as well as view those documents in the Documents tab.

Meetings Management

The user will be able to access all the meetings from the Meetings module. The user will be able to see the upcoming meetings with their details.

Audio Recorder

Free up your hands with an audio recorder in App4Legal mobile app, allowing you to add voice notes as comments.