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legal calendaring software

Enjoy the clarity needed to organize all your appointments, events and hearings in a calendar view embedded inside App4Legal. Link upcoming events to your matters then share them with users or clients using the best legal calendaring software.

App4Legal Calendar module is the best legal calendaring software that gives law firms and in-house teams the clarity needed to organize all their appointments, legal events, expert meetings and hearings in a centralized database.

Work smarter with the ultimate rules-based legal calendaring software

The legal calendaring software makes it easy for you to get 360 degree visibility on your important events in a calendar view. The integrated legal calendaring program provides information about the tasks and events of each legal practitioner enabling efficient planning and tasks allocation. Share your calendar with your colleagues for better visibility & collaboration. Schedule events, invite guests, notify your colleagues, and more.

All appointments and information are in one place

Never Miss a Deadline

App4Legal Legal calendaring software gives you a roll-up of all appointments, deadlines, boards or expert meetings in one central calendar.

Better coordination

Create and link calendar events to your matters and share them with interested parties. Whether it’s an upcoming court date or a meeting, App4Legal calendaring program ensures you’re always prepared.

Matter-Centered Calendaring

App4Legal is a  rules-based legal calendaring software that gives information about the agenda of each legal practitioner to enable dynamic planning and a team view. Appointments can be linked to matters, cases, tasks, clients and contacts.

Private calendaring

Users can create and set private appointments with permissions, so you don’t have to have multiple calendars to manage. 

The ultimate task reminder

The best legal calendaring software that gives you the freedom to control your schedule – it reminds you of tasks and upcoming events or client meetings, including location, description, and contact info and keeps your team synchronized and running on time.