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Like it or not, technology is the key driving force of our economies today. At the heart of every single industry- be it big or small- you will see some sort of technological implementation. Are we surprised? Not really. The power of technology is construed in a way which even the average person would view as revolutionary. If this is the case, then why is Legal Technology, more specifically App4Legal, such a big deal? Here is why:

Digital Marketing for Lawyers: 10 tips every lawyer must know to ensure effective presence on LinkedIn

The recent report of the American Bar Association (ABA) on Legal Profession highlights that the great majority of lawyers (79%) personally use or maintain a presence on social media for professional purposes and that their most popular social network is LinkedIn (82%). It is great to see the level of adoption of LinkedIn by lawyers, and for sure, these numbers will continue to increase as technology continues to play a larger role in our personal lives.With 740

Legal Matter Management Simplified, and How it differs from Case Management?

Legal Matter Management Simplified and How it differs from Case Management Legal Matter Management can be defined as the process in which all legal matters and their related data, such as type of legal work, lawyers work on the case, budgets, and invoices, are gathered, tracked, and reported on by the legal department throughout the matter lifecycle. Think about a matter like a project, a way to categorise your expenses and better understand where your money is

How to choose the best Legal Case Management Software for your Law Firm

How to choose the best Legal Case Management Software for your Law Firm Whether you are considering deploying legal case management software for the first time or you are thinking about changing your current solution, there is a wide range of advice about how to select the right solution for your firm. From our extensive experience with thousands of lawyers and law firm owners in regards to their technology needs, here in this blog, we will show

The next big thing in legal tech for In-house legal teams

The next big thing in legal tech for In-house legal teams As an in-house counsel you encounter many hurdles, counselling on multiple legal matters across a wide range of business and legal practise areas.  You experience too many repetitive day-to-day tasks such as contract generation and document management. One of the critical tasks for any in-house general counsel is, to free and save time for the in-house legal team so they can do the most important tasks

What does digital transformation mean for your law firm?

What does digital transformation mean for your law firm? When digital transformation is done right, it’s like a caterpillar turning into a butterfly. Digital Transformation is a robust inward and outward-facing strategy adopted by businesses to streamline processes, boost workflow operations and reduce costs. Powered by leading enterprise platforms and custom-built solutions, digital transformation enhances customer experience, boosts collaboration between different verticals and employees, and creates a single point of truth for all business networks. Some problems

5 KPIs that In-house Legal Departments Should Track

KPIs are ways that an in-house team can monitor and improve their work.  There are so many different variables and these can include matter management, litigation management, and a plethora of others.What are the main objectives of an in-house legal team?The objectives of any In-house legal team are defined as a set of KPI’s that tend to measure the legal department’s competencies, effectiveness, and productivity. A productive in-house legal team is described as a legal unit that

How to set an innovation strategy to level-up your law firm and in-house legal department

Practice with Innovation explained. How to set an innovation strategy to level-up your law firm and in-house legal department After reading this article you will be able to Understand what innovation means for legal teams How to set an innovation strategy Level up your work toward achieving innovation Know top innovation strategy checklists  Learn how to innovate your practice using App4Legal Increased digitization and automation have changed the way in which legal practice management services are conducted.

How has technology changed the legal profession in South Africa?

Change has unquestionably occurred in the legal practice sector in South Africa over the last decade. As a result of the pandemic, changes have happened at an unprecedented speed. The last year was an unforeseen catalyst for legal technology adoption. Working remotely has become the new normal for many law firms and in-house legal teams. Those who have delayed the potential of legal technology to significantly facilitate legal practice and improve productivity are now assured of the

3 reasons legal teams are switching to cloud-based law practice management software

Actionable tips on How to manage your law firm in 2021In this competitive era, all businesses need legal services help, and that’s why law firms and lawyers are intensely occupied with a massive workload. In this situation, law firms and attorneys do not have the ability to manage and handle their tasks efficiently. They need to have a strategy and a plan in place to manage their work and stay prepared in times of uncertainty. We created