App4Legal’s Newest Feature Releases Focus on Key Areas That Define Legal Professionals Success

Release Notes: What’s New in App4Legal.v8.5 (May 2021)App4Legal’s Newest Feature Releases Focus on Key Areas That Define Legal Professionals SuccessApp4Legal, the leader in Legal Practice Management LPM, Contract Management Lifecycle technology LMS,  and Document Automation announced new feature releases designed to better position App4Legal users for success amid changing consumer expectations and demands. New features include Contract Questionnaire, Contract Negotiations, which provide a new level of insight into contract management lifecycle; Matter Board has a brand new

Kanban for Lawyers: Your Way to Visualize Workflow and Optimize Legal Project Management

Law firms and companies of legal services need to adapt to the market changes with financial difficulties, but that needs to continue counting on their services. The solution is not to lower rates but to work more efficiently to transfer savings to their clients. Those who compete on price cannot offer better quality because they lose margin to finance essential legal practice's resources. Kanban is an Agile tool developed in the mid-20th century in Toyota factories aiming

5 Ways Legal Practice Management Technology Can Make the Life of Solo Lawyers Much Easier

The value that solo lawyers provide to their clients lies in their ability to deliver a comparable quality of work as big firms, albeit with a more personal touch and at a more affordable cost. However, as every solo lawyer knows, this indicates that you are often working alone to read through the sea of legal information and file documents, and as a result, the time is never on your side. For solo attorneys, on your own

How Can App4legal Boost The Productivity Of The Mid-size And Large Law Firms?

App4legal is an end-to-end practice management software for legal practitioners. It provides a complete solution for the various responsibilities that a legal firm has to face collectively. Since it is essential for firms to grow and yet maintain their standard of services, they require technical tools that can help them stay above their tasks and competitors. App4legal provides a doorway for large and mid-size legal firms to walk through their day-to-day duties with ease. App4legal is an

How to choose the right legal technology to manage your law firm?

As new and more innovative technology weaves its way into every other industry, it comes as no surprise that law firm management technology has become an increasingly popular topic. And that’s not solely due to the rise of the “virtual law office” either. In reality, law firms have always relied heavily upon technology and its widespread capabilities. Surprised? If you work at a law firm, you shouldn’t be. Legal management technology has always been a priority for

10 Client Retention Strategies Law Firms Can Adopt to Ensure Clients’ Trust

Earning client trust is troublesome. Retaining it is even more difficult. The more time and resources are channelled to market your law firm to earn business, the lesser the time and resources to tend to your existing clients. Ensure client retention strategies are in place is essential for any law firm to succeed. Satisfied clients are more likely to consult you and may even refer your services to others in their network.Civil or criminal litigation, no matter

The App4Legal Partner Program- drive your business and make money

Like it or not, technology is the key driving force of our economies today. At the heart of every single industry- be it big or small- you will see some sort of technological implementation. Are we surprised? Not really. The power of technology is construed in a way which even the average person would view as revolutionary. If this is the case, then why is Legal Technology, more specifically App4Legal, such a big deal? Here is why:

Digital Marketing for Lawyers: 10 tips every lawyer must know to ensure effective presence on LinkedIn

The recent report of the American Bar Association (ABA) on Legal Profession highlights that the great majority of lawyers (79%) personally use or maintain a presence on social media for professional purposes and that their most popular social network is LinkedIn (82%). It is great to see the level of adoption of LinkedIn by lawyers, and for sure, these numbers will continue to increase as technology continues to play a larger role in our personal lives.With 740

Legal Matter Management Simplified, and How it differs from Case Management?

Legal Matter Management Simplified and How it differs from Case Management Legal Matter Management can be defined as the process in which all legal matters and their related data, such as type of legal work, lawyers work on the case, budgets, and invoices, are gathered, tracked, and reported on by the legal department throughout the matter lifecycle. Think about a matter like a project, a way to categorise your expenses and better understand where your money is

How to choose the best Legal Case Management Software for your Law Firm

How to choose the best Legal Case Management Software for your Law Firm Whether you are considering deploying legal case management software for the first time or you are thinking about changing your current solution, there is a wide range of advice about how to select the right solution for your firm. From our extensive experience with thousands of lawyers and law firm owners in regards to their technology needs, here in this blog, we will show