3 reasons legal teams are switching to cloud-based law practice management software

In an industry that has been slow to adopt new technology, more and more legal teams in law firms and in-house departments are finally warming to the cloud. Cloud-based law practice management software provides a wide range of advantages over on-premise solutions. Cloud-based legal practice management software has allowed legal teams to experience greater convenience, lower costs, and increased efficiency, all of which help legal teams increase productivity and profitability. Cloud law firm management software grew from

Actionable Tips on How to Manage your Law Firm in 2021

Actionable tips on How to manage your law firm in 2021 In this competitive era, all businesses need legal services help, and that’s why law firms and lawyers are intensely occupied with a massive workload. In this situation, law firms and attorneys do not have the ability to manage and handle their tasks efficiently. They need to have a strategy and a plan in place to manage their work and stay prepared in times of uncertainty. We

From Innovative to Revolutionary: App4Legal Version 8.2

Contract Management Module:  Millions of lawyers and paralegals work day and night to draft, review and execute hundreds of contracts. Be it NDA's, licensing agreements, employment agreements, procurement terms, and takeovers; they are everywhere. We've seen how a disconnected contracting process leads to back and forth communications, effect-less negotiations and endless paperwork. However we also see that where the process is streamlined, there is no worry in the world for such inconsistencies. This is why we have

5 Tech Trends That Will Shape the Management of Law Firms in 2021

2020 marked a turning point for many businesses to learn about the benefits of technology, especially the Legal world. As more legal services open their doors to the opportunities presented by technology, many are itching to capitalize on the latest and most advanced legal practice tech trends going into 2021.Being able to identify, acquire, and implement the right legal practice management technology for law firms and legal departments is essential for adapting. There is now an expectation

Legal Team’s Guide to Choose the Best Legal Matters Management Software

What is meant by Legal Matters Management Software? Legal matter management software is a solution to manage the process in which a matter and its entire information such as the type of case, the lawyer on the case, legal documents, calendar, budgets, expenses, bills are managed and tracked by a law firm throughout the matter lifecycle. Why has legal matter management software become so crucial in the last decade? Over the years, the way law firms handle

Four ways to use technology to improve legal work productivity

Four ways to use technology to improve legal work productivity There is no doubt that creating and running a collaborative and productive legal team is a challenging mission, for both law firms and in-house departments. It’s indeed becoming harder to increase overall organizational performance. Low productivity negatively impacts businesses in terms of profitability, work quality, and most importantly, - employee engagement.But the good news is that businesses can revamp their productivity in many ways. For instance, they can make

How to Use Automation to Increase Efficiency at Your Law Firm

App4legal is an all-in-one legal practise management software for legal practitioners. It provides a complete solution for the various responsibilities that law firms face collectively. Since it is essential for firms to grow and yet maintain their standard of services, they require innovative tools that can help them stay above their tasks and competitors. App4legal provides a doorway for large and mid-size legal firms, to walk through their day-to-day duties with ease. App4legal is an answer for

The Lives of Lawyers: Actionable Tips for Law Firms to Increase Client Satisfaction

The Lives of Lawyers: Actionable Tips for Law Firms to Increase Client Satisfaction Client satisfaction not only affects client retention and a firm’s reputation but is considered as a key driver of growth. According to Harvard Business Review, referrals are still the most common way people find an attorney. Understandably, clients that have a pleasant experience working with you are highly likely to send more business your way in the future. In an age when Big Law firms are

Benefits of embracing legal Contract Automation II Contract Management Made Easy

In an era of unprecedented technological change, legal practitioners are now embracing automation for their business processes like contract management. Contracts are the core of any business. Automation greatly benefits businesses that create, negotiate, and execute contracts on a regular basis. If legal teams are still using manual, paper-based methods, then its contracting process results in confusion, inefficiency, and mistakes. It also slows the pace of doing business, increases risk, and causes frustration in customers and employees.In

Top 7 Reasons a Law Firm Should Adopt Technology

Even in 2020, law firms are lagging behind in the businesses readily adopting technology. For an industry that loves precedent and tradition, many just aren’t sure that technology is the right investment. What does it offer them? Simply put, what doesn’t it? Without technology, law firms will be left behind. It’s a necessity that enables them to maximize individual productivity while also driving collaboration within their team. It automates the menial tasks that prohibit lawyers from focusing on their clients. Adopting