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Seamless Video Conferencing through App4Legal  

Now, App4Legal users can take and schedule calls and meetings on Zoom or Microsoft Teams, directly through App4Legal, making it easier than ever to organize discussions and collaborate with team members on specific matters and litigation cases, or simply start meetings on the fly – with all the capabilities of Zoom and MS Teams embedded […]

Office 365 Integration with App4Legal Documents 

App4Legal Documents, the section that comprises of all the Documents you stored in App4Legal, now supports all Office 365 functionalities.

New Integration with Adobe Signature Workflow  

Now, with the new Adobe Signature integration, all signatures can be applied through and synchronized with your Adobe Signature account.

Design your Own Digital Legal Workspace 

App4Legal products are highly regarded as the most configurable and customizable software solutions available for legal teams and modern-day professionals across the board.

contract management hr teams
Contract Lifecycle Management for Human Resources Teams 

For modern HR teams, contract lifecycle management involves creating, executing, and managing contracts, as well as keeping track of employees’ movements, requirements, and entitlements. These contracts may be regarding employment, NDAs, training, development, compensation, and others depending on the size and scope of the HR team. In this blog, we will break down the key features […]

Contract Lifecycle Management for Procurement Teams 

Procurement teams, like many modern-day teams handling a large number of contracts and documents, can benefit greatly from the use of a contract lifecycle management system. 

Contract Lifecycle Management – All You Need to Know  

Contract management is the process of managing contract creation, execution, and analysis to maximize operational and financial performance at an organization.

Legal Accounting Software – Key Features & How to Get Started

This blog will cover the key features of legal accounting software, from bookkeeping and legal billing to time tracking, financial reports, and so much more.

law firm cybersecurity
Law Firm Cybersecurity – Best Practices  

Moving your practice into the digital space means you’ll have to pay attention to cybersecurity and avoid cyber-attacks, hacks, or leak of client information.

GDPR Compliance – A Quick Checklist 

Find all the key points to consider for businesses to assess their current GDPR compliance status and reform their data handling practices to become more compliant.