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Electronic Signature for Lawyers | A Quick Guide 

In recent years, electronic signatures have become increasingly popular. Today, it’s essential to be able to manage and execute contracts digitally.

App4Legal 360 Docs – Free Integrations with Cloud Doc. Management Solutions

Users are now able to use App4Legal 360 Docs to seamlessly integrate their App4Legal instance with Google Drive, One drive, Dropbox & more.

New & Improved App4Legal Mobile Application 

App4Legal is pleased to announce the launch of its new and improved mobile app, available for iOS and Android. Users can now experience and benefit from the App4Legal Mobile App with an elevated user interface and UX.

Paperless Law firm
Tips for Lawyers: How to Start a Paperless Law Firm?  

Technology has drastically changed how we live and work, and the legal profession is no exception. Many law firms have done away with paper entirely, while others are well to become paperless. Find out some tips on how to make your law firm paperless.

Legal Billing Software | Key Features & Benefits for Law Firms 

Using a Legal Billing Software or Legal Accounting Software can simplify and automate the entire process, reduce errors, and save on costs.

Key Features of Contract Management Software for Legal Departments

Contract Management Software is a system designed to facilitate and speed-up the process of drafting, negotiating, and executing contracts.

Email Management for Lawyers; The Ultimate Way to Do More for Less  

Email management of lawyers. App4Legal offers advanced and easy to use addons that make it easy for lawyers to manage and track emails and attachments in one place.

Legal Document Management system
What Makes App4legal the Ultimate & All-in-one Legal Case Management System? 

This blog will explain what a legal case management system is, its top features and assets, and what to consider when acquiring a case management software.