Case Management

Access all information related to each case quickly and reduce the burden of paperwork

App4Legal is a case management solution that helps to consolidate all the information relevant to a case in one simple and easy to use platform. Enter new case records, update, and save existing case records in a fully searchable database.

Importance of Case Management
legal case management software

Keep up with your deadlines

Manage deadlines and never miss an important date easily. App4Legal allows you to add the deadlines that relate to each case and then automatically update them in your calendar.

Protection against the loss of data

Losing critical data, including confidential information, causes disaster for a law firm. App4Legal enables you to store and preserve information without worrying about misplacing paper documents and digital data stored only on hard drives.

law firm case management software
legal case management software

Coordinate communication & Document retrieval

Search and find particular information when needed. So just think of the time you will save if you could just open the client case and be able to quickly retrieve any information needed, whenever you want.

Work anytime from Anywhere

Access client’s documents anytime anywhere, via a secured connection. This is a significant benefit if you often travel since you can stay productive and get your job done wherever you are.

Fulfill Client Expectations

Empower your staff and help your law firm to handle client’s requests faster, and better than before.