About the client

Commercial Bank of Dubai (CBD) is a UAE banking and financial services corporation headquartered in Dubai, UAE. With more than $20 billion in assets, Gulf Business listed CBD as the 35th largest bank in the Persian Gulf region.

The challenge

Legal practice is naturally a paper-heavy an email process; each new case brings more case documents than the last. Commercial Bank of Dubai was looking for a solution that maximizes the efficiency of time, streamlines  the business workflow, and enables the in-house legal team to collaborate and communicate with different parties involved in Matters and Cases. The in-house legal team was suffering from manual administrative tasks and was looking for a way to help assemble and automate all the work related to different cases going on in the legal department by standardizing also out-of-the box reports and KPIs.

With multiple matters to handle, legal practitioners were facing difficulty trying to remember each and every important date related to their case. They need to track and keep their dates, deadlines, case brief, previous hearing details and other notes at hand in one place.

The solution

The in-house legal team at Commercial Bank of Dubai (CBD) was looking for an all-in-one solution to handle corporate matters, litigation cases, legal tasks, legal documents & reminders, track time, and manage documents in an intuitive way. App4Legal motivated them to move forward with the investment and transition. We provided the legal team with the needed services, such as implementation and training, to make sure they are on the right track and get the best out of App4Legal.

The results

Organizing data

App4Legal allows the in-house legal team to keep all of the important information related to matters and litigation cases in one centralized place, which can be accessed instantly. All case information, details of each court date, case synopsis, etc. All this information is readily available in one place with a click of a button.

Managing dates

The in-house legal team at Commercial Bank of Dubai (CBD) are now able to manage their important SLAs & deadlines and sets automated reminders .

Retrieving documents

All legal documents are now in one centralized place, which can be accessed instantly. From agreements drafting, approval process, notices to replies, hearings, events, related tasks, other materials, and relevant emails. All these files and legal documents are now neatly stored and can be accessed in an organized way.

Connecting with Requests

With App4Legal Customer Portal, The legal practitioners at the Commercial Bank of Dubai are now able to organize and standardize their communications with the Requesters from other departments at CBD. Follow-up on Matters, Cases, Contracts is becoming a self-service action for the requester, directly from the Customer Portal and this is saving time and money for all parties.