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Contra, The New Contract Lifecycle Management & Document Automation Software by App4Legal

We’re pleased to introduce Contra; an Agile Contract Lifecycle Management (CLM) and Document Automation Software designed to facilitate and speed up the generation and execution of all kinds of contracts. With Contra, any department, in any company, in any industry, can seamlessly draft, edit, redline, and collaborate on contracts, including; auto-generating legal documents from templates, designing an approval matrix, working with external collaborators and advisors, and even e-signing, tracking, and storing in a central searchable repository. 

How Contra Works 

Contra is an all-in-one, smart & highly configurable system that centralizes, streamlines, and automates the entire contract lifecycle. Contra users will be able to do the following. 

Generate & Automate Repetitive Contracts 

Draft contracts from scratch or using configurable templates that auto-populate your contract in seconds. 

  • Auto-generate contracts from questionnaires 
  • Import and save premade document templates 
  • Configure every aspect of the workflow 

Collaborate & Redline 

Negotiate and collaborate on legal documents in real-time. Assign collaborators permission-based access according to entity, department, or role. 

  • Live Negotiation & Instant Feedback 
  • Define Hierarchy & Roles at every stage 
  • Share & Collaborate with External Parties 

Create Approval Centers 

Set a defined approval center or authority matrix, where you can allocate who can approve contracts or view documents in any format. 

  • Centralize and configure the approval process 
  • Keep track of document versioning and edits 
  • Visibility on changes made by collaborator 


Digitize Signatures 


E-sign and integrate with tools, like DocuSign, to provide authentic Electronic Signatures, saving an abundance of time and effort for all involved in the process. 

  • Sign contracts on the fly 
  • Manage unlimited contracts 
  • Make remote work more efficient 

Set Alerts and Reminders 

Stay on top of key responsibilities such as notice periods, renewals, or automatic increases, and ensure that the right people are alerted at the right time. 

  • Stay up-to-date at every stage 
  • Never miss a deadline again 
  • Increase compliance between teams 

Repository and Meta-data 

Store and organize all your documents and contracts in a central, searchable repository, where you can access them securely, from anywhere. 

  • Archive all documents for later use 
  • Secure Access on all devices 
  • Easily filter and search for data 

Create Custom Reports & KPIs 

Customize reports; expiring contracts, contracts awaiting signature, contract owners, contract values and more – all at the touch of a button. 

  • Full visibility in a single-view Dashboards 
  • Measure performance and productivity 
  • Extract customized analytics for reporting 

Benefits of Using Contra for CLM and Document Automation 

Contra integrates with all your favorite apps, including MS Word Webex Teams DocuSign Gmail Dropbox Outlook and more. It’s also available in multiple languages, operating systems, and devices. Benefits of using Contra, include; 

Centralized Data in One Place 

Establish consistent contract storage practices through a defined and searchable central contract repository accessed from anywhere that ensures all your important documents are just a click away. 

Reduced Costs by 45% 

Drive intelligent workflows. Automate the agreement lifecycle end-to-end and standardize business processes. Eliminate errors and risks. Securely access and make changes to contracts from anywhere, on all devices. 

Streamlined Collaboration 

Increase compliance between stakeholders, and clearly see who is working on which projects. Visibility across the contract lifecycle management leads to quicker, and more informed decisions. 

Reduced Creation Time By 65% 

Build, customize, and generate error-free contracts in minutes, using contract Templates. This saves time and money while reducing the workload and simplifying the process. 

How to Start Using Contra 

If you’re ready to start working smarter, you can Try Contra for Free, right now.   
For help setting up and understanding how the software works, check out the App4Legal YouTube Channel for a Free Training Video Series. It’s time to cut your contract lifecycle in half. 

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