legal contract management software

A robust legal contract management software for law firms and in-house legal teams. App4Legal comes with a centralized legal contract management module for law firms and in-house legal teams that allows you to efficiently and effectively manage and monitor your contracts in a professional way during the contract life cycle.

The ultimate law firms contract management software

Have full control over your contracts. App4Legal contract management module allows users to manage the processes of contract creation, drafting, approval and execution to maximize the efficiency in collaboration and reduce the time and effort spent during the process.

All in one place

Keep contracts tracked and organized in one single place. Search all contracts in the database for keywords and tags, or by using App4Legal universal search engine.

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Define approval centers

Set a defined approval center where you can set who can approve the contract you are handling whether it is scanned, a PDF, a Microsoft Word doc, or any other format.

legal contract management software

Centralize contract processes

Define your workflows based on the type of your contracts and your business rules in order to maximize the efficiency of contract drafting. App4Legal contract management software allows you to manage contracts from initiation through execution with highly configurable workflows, drafting and approval business rules.

law firms contract management software

Minimize contract errors

Contract errors are one of the most critical problems that lawyers have to deal with when done manually. App4Legal makes it easy to create your contracts from your own templates in different languages by automating the fields to fill in automatic forms.

contract management for legal firms

Set permissions

App4Legal provides robust contract management for legal firms and makes it easy for you to set roles and permissions that allow different parties to approve or reject a contract during its life cycle.

legal contract management

Save time and Improve performance

Legal teams encounter an ever-increasing amount of pressure to reduce costs and improve performance. App4Legal contract modules make it a comprehensive contract management software where users can manage all contract processes from one place for easy collaboration.