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Design your Own Digital Legal Workspace 

App4Legal products are highly regarded as the most configurable and customizable software solutions available for legal teams and modern-day professionals across the board. App4Legal strives to empower teams with innovative tech that they can customize and easily design, to fit their exact needs and requirements. 

How it Works? 

App4Legal products are modular and flexible. When you purchase a product with App4Legal, you’re able to customize your settings to design your own workspace. By clicking on System Settings, you can access every single module and feature in the system and customize it to your liking.  

For example, Admin users can customize the default settings for; User Permissions, Classification and Structuring of Contacts, Tasks, Litigation Stages, and more. The admin can even edit every Category, Label, and Value across every function and feature in App4Legal, including; Workflows, Meetings, Reminders, Documents, Time Entries, and so much more, at the click of a button. 

Below are some of the key highlights of our highly configurable solutions; 

Design The Look & Feel 

App4Legal products are white labeled. This means that users can change the look and feel of the software to showcase their company logo, colors, and design guidelines.  
The software will look and feel completely integrated with the company identity and values. 

So, users aren’t just choosing how the software works, they’re also choosing how it looks. 

Design Workflow Stages & Automation 

Based on request types that the admin user configures in the system, different questionnaires or forms can be designed to help navigate organize and delegate tasks and requests received by the team. Moreover, Admin users can customize the workflow or lifecycle of specific matters, cases, documents, contracts, and other legal requests or otherwise. 

Every work process has its own customizable system of operations, workflow stages, structure, concerned team members, approval matrix, related tasks and documents, time logs, and trackable metrics. All this is configured so that nothing falls through the cracks, processes are as streamlined as possible, and the right people are automatically identified, assigned work, notified, and held accountable. 

Design Structural Hierarchy & Define Permissions 

Every team member serves a particular role and function in the greater scheme of the work at hand. App4Legal products allow admins to configure user-based roles, permissions, access, and even limit certain functions and features to be used by specific users or user groups. For example, a contract cannot be sent for signature without the approval of the finance team, and head of legal. 

Design Dashboards and Track Custom Metrics 

Users have a wide range of configurable dashboards to track every move in the system. It’s up to the user to choose what they wish to track and easily view progress via dynamic display dashboards that showcase numbers in real-time. There are dashboards to monitor everything, including; specific matters, litigation cases, time entries, documents, and so much more. The possibilities are endless. 

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