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Contra is an agile and comprehensive Contract Lifecycle Management and Document Automation Software that facilitates the process of drafting, managing, and collaborating on all types of documents. This includes quickly generating documents from templates, customizing workflows, automating tasks and reminders, keeping secure and searchable digital archives, integrating with all popular tools and applications for seamless collaboration and central communication, e-signatures, and more. 

What is a Document Management Workflow? 

Document Management Workflow is the process used by your organization to manage, organize, store, edit, approve, and share documents. It is the guidelines or stages of operations to complete the document lifecycle. With Contra, it isn’t just about document creation and management, users are also able to automate tasks and reminders, centralize communication between internal and external stakeholders, and extract useful data on progress with full visibility and transparency.  

Why do you need a DMS workflow? 

There are countless advantages to using a Document Management System and Workflow Automation Software. Learning how to optimize document management workflow can have a massive impact on productivity and efficiency. Some of the top benefits are listed below; 

  1. Centralizing All Data in One Place 

Establishing consistent contract storage practices is essential. Through using a defined and searchable central document repository that you can access from anywhere; you ensure all your important documents are just a click away. 

  1. Reducing Costs and Errors 

Driving intelligent workflows and automating the agreement lifecycle end-to-end is the end of bottlenecks, human errors, and repetitive administrative tasks. Standardize business processes. Eliminate errors and risks. Securely access and make changes to contracts from anywhere, on all devices. 

  1. Streamlining Collaboration and Redlining 

Increasing compliance between stakeholders and being able to have full visibility on who is working on what. Tracking the contract lifecycle from beginning to end allows for quicker, and more informed decisions. 

  1. Reduce Document Drafting Time 

Building and customizing templates to create and generate error-free contracts in minutes. This saves time and money while reducing the workload and simplifying the process. Especially for teams with loads of repetitive contracts and documents. 

Choose the right Document Management System for your organization 

So, if you are investing in software, you want to make sure that you are choosing a solution that will cover every aspect of your document workflow, and you need it to be configurable. You also want to make sure it has some automation; this will save loads of time and effort in the long run. Some of the key features of DMS software, like Contra, are as follows; 

  1. Draft, Upload, and Generate Documents from Templates 
  1. Collaborate on Contracts Securely  
  1. Configure Workflows and Centralize Approval   
  1. Execute Contracts & E-sign  
  1. Archive in a Searchable Repository  
  1. Generate Custom Metrics and Reports 

Learn more about Contra, here; https://www.app4legal.com/contra/  

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