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Legal Document Management System

A comprehensive legal document software that meets the needs of lawyers and paralegals in law firms and in-house legal teams  

Track, organize and control your agreements and legal documents with a complete document management software for legal practitioners

Turnkey software for all legal documents

App4Legal keeps legal documents, agreements, notes, and emails organized by matter, indexed and searchable.  It is like a virtual file cabinet with a variety of cases in one place. For the sake of convenience, App4Legal is compliant with the security requirements of sensitive data protection and GDPR certified. It offers a secure way of sharing and storing documents of different types in one place.

What makes App4Legal a comprehensive legal document management software

Central Storage for all Documents

App4Legal is a robust legal document management software that acts as central storage for all documents, allowing you to search and find documents, manage their versioning, identify who last edited them, and organize them without having to remember saved locations and versions.

Fast and Easy Retrieval

Documents can be organized by person, by client, or by matters based on your preferences. Moreover, you can store and manage a wide range of legal templates. Simply run a quick search to retrieve a certain template you need to use to generate automatically your agreement or contract from.

Easy Access from Anywhere

App4Legal legal document management software allows you to manage every part of your practice with ease right from your laptop and with quick access to documents from your smartphone.

Collaborate with Colleagues

You can change the statuses of documents and communicate with other reviewers by uploading and adding in a document on the fly. Manage the versions of your document and who added what and when for a centralized collaboration.

Deliver outstanding client service

App4Legal is a legal document management software that provides collaborative workspace for sharing and firm knowledge with more freedom to collaborate directly with clients and coworkers.

Version Control Systems

Versions are a way to keep track of multiple variations of the document. You still have the option to review the previous editing history of a particular document. Moreover, you can set tags and keywords for document retrieval.