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Advisor Portal

Advisor Portal brings all external advisors on one platform to eliminate redundant processes and improve efficiency and speed of data sharing. All of your collaborative work, matters, tasks, bills, expenses and information related to your external advisors are accessible, actionable, and secure on one platform.

Streamline Projects With External Advisors

Stay Informed

Digitize and centralize the channel between your legal team and the external advisors, gaining full visibility over all your external advisors.

Enhance Organization

The Advisor Portal minimizes the team your team spends logging data shared by external lawyers significantly.

Eliminate Redundant Processes

With the Advisor Portal, you and your legal team can focus on what matters and put to rest purposeless tasks.

Advisor Portal Features

Gain full visibility

Working successfully with external advisors requires full transparency, consistency, and accountability. App4Legal external legal consultants portal brings all parties on one platform to collaborate and streamline all work processes.

Streamline external practice

Streamline how you work with your external advisors. App4Legal External Advisor Portal enables you to standardize and organize the way legal services are delivered.

Reduce invoice processing time

Significantly reduce the time and costs involved in processing invoices, accelerating efficiency. App4Legal improves forecasting and improves better department budgeting thanks to powerful data-driven insights.

Eliminate paperwork and manual tracking

Stacks of paper are replaced with online forms that come with analysis. This saves time by making it easy to track, audit, approve/reject, and report on different legal docs.

Collaborate seamlessly

The ultimate external legal consultants portal that provides a secure platform for each of your external advisors, where you’re always in control and in the picture.

Real-time communication

Work effortlessly and communicate in real-time with outside advisors on documents; share information, easily manage tasks and timelines, and much more.

More App4Legal Core Features

Litigation Management

Consolidate all the information that is relevant to a litigation case in one simple, accessible, and easy to use platform.

Client Management

Have a centralized contact database to ensure you will always have access to the most accurate and current client's data.

Time Tracking

Be more productive; create project scope, record work hours and keep everything on track with the insightful data.

Financial Management​

Track all money transactions in a built-in billing module with full accounting features that maximize efficiency and revenues.

Document Management System​

Keep all documents in one platform where you can find and share documents quickly and identify who last edited them.

Corporate Management

Make your corporate more collaborative, accessible and efficient with the leading practice management software

Notifications System

Get instant notifications of any updates that happen within your firm and be alerted on-time to achieve your legal tasks.


Drive performance and get insightful reports. Analyze workflow performance and share the time tracking data.


Stay Reminded and have a roll-up of all firm-wide appointments, deadlines, and staff meetings on one central calendar.

Intellectual Properties Management

Track all intellectual properties such as trademarks, copyrights, patents, and other intellectual property means.

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