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Four ways to use technology to improve legal work productivity 

There is no doubt that creating and running a collaborative and productive legal team is a challenging mission, for both law firms and in-house departments. It’s indeed becoming harder to increase overall organizational performance. Low productivity negatively impacts businesses in terms of profitability, work quality, and most importantly, – employee engagement.

But the good news is that businesses can revamp their productivity in many ways. For instance, they can make it with the help of technology. In this article, we will dive into more details to understand how digital transformation and technology meet the productivity needs of all Legal teams, both in-house and private practice.

1-Stay organized across workflows with cloud-based project or task management software.

Having all your matters, cases, and contacts in sync and easily accessible can significantly improve the overall team performance. Therefore, there is no surprise that today’s businesses run 79 percent of their workloads in the cloud.

It is irrelevant how large your legal team is, case management tools like App4Legal will significantly enhance your teams’ productivity and collaboration. App4Legal allows lawyers to focus on the creative problem-solving aspects of their work, while it also takes care of the time-consuming workload; all in one platform.

  • Streamline day-to-day processes.
  • Keep cases organized and centralized in one place.
  • Manage litigation cases and don’t miss a deadline.
  • Keep track of financials and client accounts.
  • Generate advanced and detailed reports.
  • Enhance ways of client communication.

2-Make every second count using time tracking tools

If you can’t measure it, you can’t improve it. In order to increase/improve your performance and levels of productivity, you need first to understand the nature of your work time-marker. How much time is your team wasting throughout the workday and what other distractions are there? What are your most productive hours? How substantial is your contribution to the company’s progress? All these questions can be precisely answered with the help of time tracking tools. Using them, you will able to make the most of your time and, as a consequence, become more efficient.

App4Legal is an effective and reliable legal time tracking solution for law firms and in-house teams to track their time manually by adding time-logs, or automatically by enabling the timer option embedded inside App4Legal. 

With App4legal you will be able to:

  • Get a complete overview of your team’s performance.
  • Get in-depth insight into your company’s profitability.
  • Generate and export productivity reports.
  • Learn how work hours are actually spent.
  • Manage the workflow of the whole team.

3-Bring your team and  your clients closer together with communication portals

Real-time communication is crucial for clients so they can get instant updates on their cases and share files or sensitive data securely, and conveniently. Client portals like App4Legal make it easy for lawyers and clients to share data and information online with each other securely. This information includes documents, reports, invoices, and so much more.

Key features of a client portal

  • Robust and secure file sharing features
  • Metadata management
  • Unlimited free client access
  • Ticket tracking for clients 
  • Custom branded with your firm’s logo and colors.

4-Integrate fun and bring everyone closer together

Integrating fun into the workplace increases productivity and reduces stress. Moreover, companies with ‘relaxed employee engagements’ tend to have greater job satisfaction and increased employee loyalty. So don’t be afraid to inject some fun into your team’s workflow. That will only ramp up the overall productivity and not kill it. When teams work from different locations, this poses enormous challenges for collaboration. Bonding is part of the job – effective teams are built on meaningful connections, inclusivity, and trust. Thankfully, there are a ton of ways you can turn your team culture to a remote setting. There are many ways to socialize remotely and stay connected with your team. 

For instance, holding virtual coffee breaks or quizzes are very useful.  At App4Legal we have a virtual big coffee talk once a week, where all employees can “meet” via video conference and chat as they would in the office. This is particularly good for strengthening bonds between people who don’t necessarily work with each other on a daily basis.

Need more info and tips! Get a free Legal Tech consultation with one of our experts, and find out how we can make the difference.

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