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Contract Management Module

Millions of lawyers and paralegals work day and night to draft, review and execute hundreds of contracts. Be it NDA’s, licensing agreements, employment agreements, procurement terms, and takeovers; they are everywhere. We’ve seen how a disconnected contracting process leads to back and forth communications, effect-less negotiations and endless paperwork. However we also see that where the process is streamlined, there is no worry in the world for such inconsistencies. This is why we have the Contract Module. An-all-in-one platform that gives you full control over creating, drafting, approving and executing a contract all on one platform. The Module guarantees reduced time, effort and money spent handling contracts; basically get the job done faster and better.

Here are some new and improved features on the Module:

DocuSign Integration

  • App4Legal’s latest feature, the Contract Module, is now integrated with DocuSign. DocuSign provides the #1 solutions for genuine and authentic Electronic Signatures in the world. This integration solicits a complete automation of the contracting process, saving an abundance of time and effort for all involved in the process, including clients, approvers, collaborators and contracting parties.

Contract Renewals

  • Do you have an abundance of recurring contracts? Don’t worry, we’re here to remind you! The Module now allows you to automate contract renewals ahead of time with scheduled in-app integrated reminders and notifications. Streamline your tasks, stay updated and never miss a deadline!

Client Portal Integration

  • Collaborate with your clients and external stakeholders. Contract Contributors can now interact with the Contract Module directly from the Client Portal. This means they can access the contract at any time, are notified every time there has been a change and know when their input is required, all through the Client Portal.

Financial Targets

We all know how crucial it is to set goals and objectives. It instigates focus and removes any effort spent on unnecessary tasks with no real value. We want to add value to every step you take not just in the legal but also business sense. App4Legal users can now set ‘Yearly Target Values’ for your team & “Working Days Per Year” for themselves to help set financial targets for the lawyers and the overall business. 

  • Our clients love the Dashboards. They are comprehensive, detailed and visually stunning (who has time to read endless amounts of information anyway?). Here’s how we enhanced the Time Tracking Dashboard so that you can take business decisions based on valuable and time-sensitive facts: 

    •  Time Logs Per Month- monitor your billable hours and predict whether your team can hit those monthly targets. Didn’t meet the targets? Find out why this is and how your team can improve their efforts for the next work cycle. 
    • Utilization Rate Per Lawyer- is your work-time generated into productive and profitable output? Maintain your inflow and forecast future cashflows with valuable insights you didn’t even know you needed. 
    • Target Billable & Non-Billable Hours- set targets and monitor your current workflow while predicting future patterns. Stay focused, accountable and in-control of your work.

Time Logs: 

It is important now more than ever to manage your time wisely, and in this we want to make your life easier. 

  • Bulk Edit- Edit your complete logged time into Total Billable hours, Total Non-billable hours and Total Cost for the client instead of constantly checking to see if the time is still running. 
  • Retroactive effect- you can now track the change in rate as you work on different matters, cases or if you are working overtime. Furthermore, all these changes are reflected in one invoice as opposed to two invoices- meaning you don’t have to worry about fragmented or missing payments!

Other valuable enhancements:

    • Get notified every time a Corporate Matter/Litigation Case/Matter Container/I.P is created or edited. This allows you to easily manage your team remotely as one single platform keeps you updated any time, anywhere. 
    • It is now mandatory to enter the Arrival Date of the Matter, enhancing the data and integrity of the information you plug into the system. 
    • Departments, firms and solo lawyers all have their personal way of working, which is why App4Legal now supports internal reference numbers. You can now look up Corporate Matters and Litigation Cases for Tasks using your reference numbers. 

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