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Integrate off-the-shelf with all your favorite Google Applications; Gmail, Google Drive, Docs, Sheets, Slides, and your Google Calendar. Empower collaboration between teams and have your Google Workspace integrated seamlessly with the core system, allowing easy, two-way access to all your App4Legal modules.

Connect Seamlessly with Google Workspace

Fully Integrate Gmail with App4Legal

Link your Gmail to App4Legal Core and Contra to easily add, extract, and log data, link emails and attachments, and use quick links to core without leaving your inbox.

Centralize & Sync your Calendar

Add important events from your Google Calendar to the App4Legal Core system quickly, with the fields automatically filled in. Save time and ensure that no important date is missed.

Share Data and Collaborate Efficiently

Upload, edit, update, and download files directly from your Google Drive, without leaving your App4Legal instance. Share and collaborate with your team members or external users, seamlessly.

App4Legal Connect for Google is a direct link between your Google Workspace and App4Legal Products, allowing users to fully integrate their work with the App4Legal software.

Enjoy quick access to Notes, Matters, Cases, Hearings, Contracts, Intellectual Property, Tasks, Time Entries, Expenses, and so much more – directly from your Gmail. 

Share, edit, upload, download and sync data, documents, and files across all Google platforms, making it easier than ever to collaborate, redline, negotiate, and follow up on requests – directly from within the core system. This reduces the risk of human error, naming inconsistencies, and lost or scattered files. 

Top FAQs and How-to Questions

The most convenient way to install Google Connect add-on is to click on the “Get add-ons” to search for the App4Legal for Gmail add-on in the marketplace. Log in and associate your App4Legal instance. Make sure the admin of your Gmail account allows 3rd party marketplace integrations. 

Select the email to which you need to add to a Case on App4Legal. The system will ask the user to choose the Case that the note needs to be attached to. All that you have to do is look up the needed Case in the Case Subject field. Once the Case is selected, the system will automatically add the body of the email as a Case Note. 

Upon the right click on the E-mail, users can select from the available functions. The system will use the Subject of the E-mail to be the Litigation Case or Legal Matter Subject and the content of the E-mail to be the Description of the Litigation Case or the Legal Matter.

In case there are attachments in the body of the email, the user has the option to select e-mail attachments and choose from attachments the needed one(s) to be added to the Related Documents of the Case. The email itself also can be added as an Outlook item in the form of an attachment (.msg) in the Related Documents of the Case.