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In modern times, there is an increasing scale of competition in the market, and companies are developing new and innovative ideas every day. While big law firms have a set path and follow traditional procedures, start-ups often want creative and technically advanced solutions for their problems. Law firms face difficulty in achieving their set targets and are unable to even think about expansion, which is why they opt for technology. Modern software for small legal firms opens the scope for them to optimise their performance, increase customer satisfaction and improve their time and task management. Technology is changing the labour intensive work and is bringing innovative means for operation by replacing the repetitive tasks for lawyers and making space for new achievements.

App4Legal is a complete practice management software for all legal practitioners that provides one solution for all the problems that a start-up may face.

Some of the key features with which App4legal can help your start-up are as follows:

 Legal Time Tracking Software

Once you start your firm, you may often lose track of time and would not be able to give attention to all the project with equal expertise. Therefore, you need a solution for improving time management which will help you provide the best result for all your clients. App4legal has the Ultimate ‘Legal Time Tracking Software’, through which you can track your time manually by adding your time-logs, or automatically by enabling the timer embedded inside App4Legal. Law-firms will be able to bill time, generate invoices and measure the efforts of an individual or evaluate team performance.

Litigation Management Software

A lawyer is never free of tasks and is always up to something. There are court hearing, stages, client meetings, litigation cases and judges that fill up a lawyer’s life. With these many assignments, the work often starts to fall apart and, one tends to make an array of documents for tracking the tasks. App4legal provides In-House ‘Legal Case Management Software’ or in-house legal case management software, so that you no longer need several files to track your chores but have one platform for all kinds of files and reports. While it eases the follow-up and the focus on next actions, it also allows lawyers to set up the filing, processing, approvals, appeals, and editing of litigation documents based on court protocols on a single platform.  As it is highly configurable, it enables the lawyers to set-up and organises their courts and court regions the way they want.


 Client Portal Software

When any firm is in the initial phase, the creation of a strong bond with clients becomes imperative as they are the foremost means of a firm, in establishing a credible name in the market. Once they are fully satisfied, they not only become a faithful client for the firm, but they also help in spreading the goodwill of the company amongst other prospective clients. App4legal understands the essential role that clients play in a legal firm, and hence, they provide the ultimate ‘Client Portal’.

The Client Portal allows the clients to know the latest updates on their matters and provide their lawyers with the requested information without losing efficiency and in a self-service way. It reduces the back and forth emails and increases efficiency by tracking all legal data in an organised manner. Client Portal system, not only offers each client a secure virtual platform to view and access their case documents, filings, calendar, notices, and bills but also helps lawyers with access to their client’s files, on which they can work on anytime and anywhere

App4legal has an easy-to-use interface and provides one solution for all problems. It has a credential login system through which each client can solely reach to their files and understand their cases on their own. It provides a sense of security and clarity for the customers and lawyers and helps them to stay on the same page. App4legal also provides customised solutions for their firms; you can tailor our software to fit your firm’s workflow and manage details of cases for deep insights, increased productivity and profit.

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