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The world runs on technology and digital platforms today. More and more people as well as businesses are getting on to digital and technologically driven platforms for a smoother, faster, and more accurate job output. The legal industry, however a late entrant, is steadily picking the pace up. We at App4Legal are dedicated to ensuring a smooth yet world-class experience for lawyers who are looking at pushing their pedals in the digital workspace.

Especially at a time like this where the entire nation is forced to work out of their homes and collaborate with their teams virtually, technology can no longer be pushed in the darkness. Instead, we need to harness the power of technology to aid us, the legal community, to connect with their teams, collaborate and maintain work efficiency at par the normal time, rather, even better.

Given the majority of legal professionals’ scenarios, we understand that not all lawyers would be expert in adopting technology as they are in their own domain. We have thus created a platform following the AA standard to keep it simple and easy-to-use for the non-technical users. 

 Let us delve deeper to check out how easy it is to learn App4Legal even for a lawyer who isn’t tech-savvy:


    • One-stop solution for remote collaboration
      The all-in-one integrated app helps lawyers boost their productivity and stay abreast even when they are not able to physically meet to mitigate the work challenges.


    • Technical Account Manager (TAM) support
       At App4Legal, every team is equipped with a dedicated Technical Account Manager (TAM) who mitigates all your hurdles regarding technology. So now you can do what you are good at while we take the complete onus of the technological part. 


    • Solutions for every team size
       Whether you are a solo lawyer, in-house legal team, small-sized law firm or a mid-sized or large-sized, we have solutions that fit the bills perfectly. Keep a track of everything from monetary transactions to workflow, generate digital reports, and all these from anywhere, anytime.


    • Simple and easy to use UI/UX
       We understand the troubles that most lawyers face while using legal tech applications that have highly complex UI/UX and have thus kept the app as simple as it can be. 


    • Client communication simplified
       With App4Legal’s integrated Customer Portal Interface, lawyers can now communicate with their clients in real-time, share documents, update information, and issues effortlessly. 


    • Add-ons for additional features
      The additional features like Google Connect and Outlook Connect allows the legal practitioners to access and synchronize the emails to initiate a matter into App4Legal platform or archive them as a Matter notes for future reference. Additionally, The ‘Quick Links’ allow the users to access contracts, dashboards, and more, through the app.


  • End-to-end tracking
    App4Legal allows complete tracking of the work as well as time and finance over the app. This lets the lawyers or the firm have better management of cases and work.

With all the features that already make the app best in class, that too at par with global standards, there are attractive packages customized for every scale of law firms or an individual. We’re excited and honoured to have been named at the forefront of “The 10 Most Trustworthy Legal Tech Companies, 2019 at Mirror Review Magazine” .

“App4Legal is easy to use and meets all practical aspects with advanced technology embedded in the core, while maintaining its simplicity. It is comprehensive and yet covers all the daily actions including task management, facilitating teamwork, tracking finance, and assignments,” – App4Legal user.

“App4Legal allows us to manage team capabilities, generate structured reports in a jiffy and monitor deadlines and reminders from a single dashboard. It has simplified work and helped save a huge amount of time,” – App4Legal user.

Legal technology is changing the dimensions of how the industry works and is driving efficiency in the field. Not just large legal organizations but even the smaller firms benefit a lot from using legal tech which allows them to compete with larger counterparts.

If you are a lawyer, solo lawyer running a firm, in-house legal team, a firm be it small-sized, medium, or a large-scaled one, and struggling to keep up with the work, especially now that everything needs to be done remotely. If you too are facing the challenges of working from home and having to have a constant connection with your teammates while staying updated about the cases. It’s time to switch to a more sophisticated and organized way of working, where you can enjoy the same level of efficiency or even better in spite of working remotely with your team.

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