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Change has unquestionably occurred in the legal practice sector in South Africa over the last decade. As a result of the pandemic, changes have happened at an unprecedented speed. The last year was an unforeseen catalyst for legal technology adoption. Working remotely has become the new normal for many law firms and in-house legal teams. Those who have delayed the potential of legal technology to significantly facilitate legal practice and improve productivity are now assured of the necessity to switch the way they work and think about digital transformation. Digitalization has immediate potential to disrupt the entire legal practice sector in South Africa.

Legal tech office practice management software can help lawyers and law firms to manage their legal work processes with higher levels of productivity and efficiency and to communicate and deliver better services to their clients. Adopting legal case management technology, along with building a digital mindset throughout the organization, makes it easy for businesses to recover and to respond to changes quicker, as it enhances, as well as speeds up processes and enables agility.

The impact of Digital transformation’s on Businesses within South Africa

Within South Africa, The National Development Plan 2030 (NDP) which was issued in 2012 stresses on how Digital Transformation will underpin the development of connected information society and a vibrant knowledge economy that is more prosperous and inclusive. 

The total Sub-Saharan ICT market is expected to grow from $95.4 billion in 2020 to $104.2 billion by 2023, a CAGR of 4.5% for that period. Out of this, South African spending will grow from $29.3 billion in 2020 to reach $33.0 billion by 2023.

Digital transformation is an end-to-end process of an organisation stretching from strategy to operations, and from leadership to enterprise-wide culture. In simple terms, digital transformation is future-proofing an organisation. Thinking of digitalisation only as a technology implementation is a fallacy. Technology, while important and powerful, is only one part of the digitalisation puzzle.

There are three dividends that can unlock exponential value through digital transformation in your business:
  • Exponential Growth

    – leveraging technologies and new business models to generate new revenues. 

  • Exponential Productivity

    – creating business efficiency, where technologies can reduce the cost at which organisations run and maximise the output of people, processes and technology inside the business 

  • Exponential Experience

    – using technology to make the human experience (both client and lawyers) seamless so that with more automation and less manual processes, clients feel less friction.

The adoption of law practice management software in South Africa

Research published in the ‘Tech for the Legal Sector in Africa 2020’ report by Afriwise; a legal information provider found that “69.4% of law firms surveyed thought that their country’s legal sector needed transforming. Many of company headquarters were focussed across four geographies; South Africa (26%), Kenya (19%), Nigeria (16%) and Uganda (11%). The research denotes that legal case management solutions have an essential role to play in improving the accessibility and availability of the legal profession. 

According to the Financial Times, 2016  “ Over 114,000 jobs in the legal sector in are likely to become automated in the next 20 years as technology transforms the profession.” Lawyers, therefore, need a broader skill set so as to adapt to change. Lawyers also need to embrace information technology in their operations to enhance their legal practice and operational efficiency through different initiatives like remote working to reduce overhead costs.

The  Law Society of South Africa (LSSA) said that the improved use of technology was considered a priority for business growth in South Africa with the majority of surveyed members stating that adopting Law office practice management software is very important.

The crucial role of case management software in South Africa was also highlighted in the LSSA’s Survey, which found that 74,3% of legal teams made use of some form of technological tools such as online research, social media, cloud storage, and social media platforms. 

Despite the recognition of the importance of legal case management technology in conducting business today, the adoption of law practice management software within the South African legal sector remains slow among the smaller to medium-sized law firms.

Top 4 reasons why legal practitioners are hesitant to invest and embrace technology in their practice
  1. The Skills Gap
  2. Lack of budget
  3. Culture resistance
  4. Poor digital transformation strategy
On App4Legal: Best Legal Practice Management Software in South Africa that Both Law Firms, In-house Teams and Solo Lawyers can rely on
Work Anywhere … Work AnyTime!

Clients demand greater value, law firms can use App4Legal technology to deliver greater value to their clients while reducing costs.  As a result, smaller law firms can compete with larger and better-resourced teams by automating tasks that were previously time- and resource-consuming.

App4Legal is the best legal practice management software in South Africa that can significantly reduce lawyers workload, enhance productivity, and automate routine administrative tasks.

Comprehensive and easy to use

An all-in-one legal software that offers a uniquely dynamic and easy to use interface that streamlines the full adoption of the solution. Users will benefit from a comprehensive and easy-to-use legal practice solution to manage legal matters, Contract Generation, Reports, Documents, Reminders, Communications…

Collaborative and Accessible 

Today legal teams need to access their legal documents anytime, anywhere and on from any device. Lawyers need to store their sensitive data on secure, reliable software. App4Legal is here to provide South African Lawyers with a secure cloud-based legal practice management solution that you can trust.


App4Legal meets the requirements of the highest international standard for IT security. Users remain in control of all data at all times. Security is enhanced by the ability to define the access rights of each document according to the confidentiality requirements.


The flexible nature of the solution makes it easy to suit both your scope of work and your budget. Whether you are a law firm, an in-house legal team in a multi-branch business, or a solo practitioner, App4Legal can provide a solution for your legal work.

App4Legal Key Features

Matter Management 

It’s is the ultimate Matter Management Software in South Africa that keeps matter details organized, streamlines daily work and workflows, and allows legal practitioners to collaborate on top of corporate matters, litigation cases, contracts, and legal tasks.

Financial and Legal Billing 

Advanced legal billing software in South Africa that makes it easy to get paid faster. It reduces the time spent on billing and allows to track expenses, review bills, and share invoices simply.

Client Portal 

Client Portal is a module that allows lawyers to collaborate with their clients. It allows clients to collaborate and share information such as attachments and more via the comments section inside the ticket.

Contract Management 

App4Legal comes on top of contract management software in South Africa. It streamlines the processes of contract creation, drafting, approval and execution to maximize the efficiency in collaboration and reduce the time and effort spent during the process.


The cost and time element of implementing the legal tech as described above is tiny in relation to the amount of cost savings and time savings for your whole legal team. Your clients will benefit from transparency and the team will exceed billable hour targets and utilise data to drive real actions and ensure the growth of your legal practice.

App4Legal comes on top of law office practice management software that revolutionizes the traditional practice of law, saving time and costs.

Interested to know more! Book a free Legal Tech consultation with one of our experts and find out how we can make the difference.


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