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Working on the go is the new normal today. We see people working out of their lounges, couches, or at the airport, coffee shops, and where not. The paradigm shift in work culture across the globe has been fast-forwarded by natural calamities like floods, earthquakes, cyclones, or health issues that have been affecting regular work from an office, especially in the past few years. According to the projections of the third annual “Future of Workforce” report by UpWork, the most popular freelancing platform, 73% of all the teams will be made of the remote workforce by 2028. 

Like all other fields of work, the flexibility of working in terms of workplace and hours has crept into the very soul of legal practices too. Gone are the days where work was limited to desks and chairs or the courtroom for legal professionals. We now boost a work culture where the teams sit across cities and offices and are yet connected to the core. And all these have been made possible by using technology. The trend has been predominantly high in countries like the USA, UK, and other majorly technologically advanced nations. 

Let us look at the perks of embracing a flexible work culture:

  • Embracing a flexible workforce and work culture leads to attaining a more agile, versatile, and engaged workforce.
  • It also ensures that people located geographically far away get the chance to work with stellar teams and contribute to the success of the organization.
  • Flexible work culture also contributes towards filling up the gender parity in the workforce. This enables even those women who had to take a career break due to personal reasons to get back to work.
  • Studies have recorded that more and more working professionals, including legal professionals, are keen on embracing a flexible work culture.
  • Remote working facilitates working from anywhere anytime and also helps in reducing the stress of commuting and utilizing time optimally.

For the numerous benefits that can already be seen, working on the go is the new normal. More organizations and leaders are vouching for a flexible work culture at the global level. Now let us see how can working on the go be a real practice with the help of technology.

Legal technology, however a late entrant, has made significant progress and is on a continuous trail to advancement. It has not just left its mark in increasing productivity but has also contributed towards building a smarter workforce; keep track of processes, streamline and centralized processes, and enable working on the fly. App4Legal has been quick to realize the need of the hour and has incorporated the best practices in its legal technology suite to suit the needs of a flexible team and keep them connected remotely over a single platform. Let’s take a dip into how App4Legal is using legal technology to enable working on the go.

  • Centralized document management and cloud storage: The centralized document management system enables easy access and storage of all case-related documents on a single platform. This facilitates staying abreast with all changes, updates, and amendments in any document, on-going status of cases, and stay connected with the teammates. Cloud storage enables easy and all-time access to all matters and references from the ease of location.
  • Time tracker and scheduler: the in-built automated time tracker and calendar aids to a dual purpose. While on one hand it keeps a track of all billable hours and keeps accounting tasks at ease, the calendar and reminder tool allow staying updated on the dates and deadlines, set an automated reminder, integrate and sync with the in-built calendar and applications on the phone to keep you on top of things.
  • Generating reports on the fly: Another feature that has been a boon to the legal community and has aided in building flexible work culture is the ability to generate reports seamlessly on the go. It doesn’t matter if you are sitting at the luxury of your home or the airport about to board your flight, you can now analyze documents and generate reports and invoices in a matter of seconds with the help of the AI and algorithms within the software.
  • Financial management made easy: Financial management is a huge concern that lawyers and firms often face. But with App4Legal technology solution you can now keep a track of all expenses, incomes, billable hours, and generate invoices and receipts in a jiffy. You can also get the nerve wrenching accounting tasks done through the automated financial management tool.
  • Integrated add-ons to enable remote working: App4Legal’s technology solution comes with a host of add-ons like integration with other applications on the device such as email applications (Gmail, Outlook, etc.), remote meeting or video conferencing applications (Zoom, Hangouts, etc.), and others at very reasonable packages and further boost working from anywhere anytime and staying connected with the team.
  • Enriched client management: A happy client marks the success of lawyers and firms. To enhance customer experience and take it to a higher level, the innate Customer Portal comes with intuitive features. It manages client communication seamlessly and offers a better experience to the customers.

“App4Legal is a flexible legal technology software with an intuitive interface. It has helped our team adapt to legal technology with ease and collaborate even when the teammates are remotely located.” – App4Legal user.

“The ease of using the software across multiple devices (smartphones, laptops, desktops, etc.) facilitates working from anywhere anytime. The ease of access and management has helped the team elevate work efficiency.” – App4Legal user.

A happy workforce ensures a heightened productivity level. At App4Legal it is our sole motto to help the legal community thrive harnessing the power of technology. It is for this reason that App4Legal is dedicated to a perpetual innovation mode and is constantly trying to enhance its products and service to stay ahead in the legal technology space. We adore and patronize the concept of flexible work culture and realize that it is how legal work-scope is going to look like. We are striving to build the best-in-breed legal technology that not only enhances productivity but also enables working on the go. Check out App4Legal technology solution at https://www.app4legal.com/ and get yourself or your team the best legal technology solution in the market at the most competitive packes tailored just for your needs.

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