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How to choose the best Legal Case Management Software for your Law Firm

Whether you are considering deploying legal case management software for the first time or you are thinking about changing your current solution, there is a wide range of advice about how to select the right solution for your firm. From our extensive experience with thousands of lawyers and law firm owners in regards to their technology needs, here in this blog, we will show you everything you need to know before you select the best practice management system for your law firm.

1- Define your goals and do not focus on features

Too often law firms start their purchasing of any LCMS by screening the number of features offered without a proper understanding of what features their law firm really needs. Even Law firms that do start with a needs analysis often come up with a list of core features their firm must have (calendar,  documents, tasks, etc.).  Then create a secondary list of “good to have features.”  

2- Outline your legal firm’s work processes

Once you have a complete understanding of your law firm’s goals, the next move is to choose a Legal Case Management Software (LCMS) that suits your law firm’s workflows. You need to ensure that it reduces your workload and diminishes any redundancies you have in your current processes. Decide on which features that you must-have for your law firm, and then start from there.  You will need to ensure that the features built into your chosen software operate the way that you anticipate them to. One of the best ways to do this is to try the free trial of your LCMS solution or you can ask for a detailed demo. Most Case management software providers offer a free trial, then make sure to take advantage of it.  We have found that a full demo before you start your free trial will mean that you can get a great walkthrough before you even start.

3- Narrow down your final list of features

Once you have a clear vision of your needs and goals, it’s time to narrow down your possible options. Each legal firm’s needs and goals are probably a little different, but there are some features worth thinking about such  as:

  • System security rules (encryption, standards, audits)
  • Mobile access (smartphone apps, mobile web interface)
  • Design, interface, and ease of use 
  • The vendor’s reputation and support.
  • Ease of transitioning in or out of the software (import/export).
  • Full cost and expected future costs (setup, consulting, data migration, training, adding more users).
  • Ability to upgrade to add more features 
  • Third-party integrations with emails and other tools like DocuSign, Dropbox, Gmail, and Microsoft Outlook.
4- Ask the hard questions test it your self

Now that you have determined some finalists, then, you need to reach out to the solution provider and ask any related questions and ensure that you find a satisfactory answer.

Ask the service provider to show you real-time examples of all the functionality that you believe you need.

Now, you should have a clear plan for your law firm’s needs, how the software providers can help solve your critical data security concerns, and which vendor offers the best features your law firm needs, and for sure, which Legal Case Management Software you liked the most.  Now you must move forward towards agreement and implementation.

5- Consider asking for a final consultation 

A legal technology consultant could be a great resource for your law firm while you are in your journey to select the best Legal Case Management Software for your law firm. Skilled legal technology consultants are well-versed experts when it comes to helping you think through the business model and the workflow implications of different software. Legal tech experts assess your security requirements,  pricing preferences, and special law firm customizations or training needs.  A good legal technology consultant will do his best to help find the best solution for your law firm’s needs. 

Our legal technology experts are one click away.

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