App4legal is an all-in-one legal practise management software for legal practitioners. It provides a complete solution for the various responsibilities that law firms face collectively. Since it is essential for firms to grow and yet maintain their standard of services, they require innovative tools that can help them stay above their tasks and competitors. App4legal provides a doorway for large and mid-size legal firms, to walk through their day-to-day duties with ease.

App4legal is an answer for those who are in managerial positions and also those who are in subordinate positions. It assists the leaders to streamline their core processes such as workflow management, team management, litigation management, client management, and others. While, it helps the individual lawyers with generating reports, contracts, time management and other tasks. Therefore, it is a ‘holistic solution’ for the entire legal firm that increases efficiency and productivity to another level.

Let us discover how App4legal helps big law firms boost the productivity of their teams

Matter Management

App4Legal is a complete legal practice management solution for law firms of all sizes and in-house legal teams. It streamlines all legal work processes and ensures every detail from every matter is caught. It allows legal practitioners to organize & categorize matters, assign them, and manage them in your workflow. It keeps all legal data in one single place that is accessible for greater collaboration.

Litigation Management

There are multiples tasks, meetings and hearing which fill up a lawyer’s life. When it comes to a firm, these activities increase tenfold, and it becomes a herculean burden to bear. App4legal helps the legal firms who have thousands of responsibilities from different departments to manage, assign and control their litigation duties. It enables the leaders and the lawyers to have a clear picture of their tasks, and prioritise their work according to time, date and urgency.

Workflow Management

A firm may have multiple contracts, cases and events going on at the same time, which include hundreds of lawyers under the leadership of a few team heads. Despite the exceptional capabilities of the leaders, it often becomes chaotic and a nuisance burden, which needs to be removed to make life easier for them. App4legal, helps their users to manage the workflow from a single platform, where they get a quick snapshot of people involved in a particular case, court hearings, date and progress of the desired case, and all other details that one may need are presented within seconds. It helps improve the work experience of both the leaders and team members substantially through superior workflow management.

Time Tracking 

You may find the time and again that there were specific tasks which were left out, because of inefficient time management. As a leader, you may feel that you have not been able to keep track of the time invested by different members of your team, to complete a given task, and compare them to understand their competency. App4legal helps both the parties to understand and manage their time effectively and provide enhanced performance from them. It does this through delivering time management module, that keeps a systematic track of the time invested in a given task and even produces a collective record of all the members of the team for team leader’s review.  It makes the lawyers time-efficient, removes recurrent flow of emails, moderates the need for individual lawyers to update their leaders on their progress, and eases the efforts of the leaders to understand his/her team’s progress.


Every case requires reports, in the beginning, mid and end of it. Reports are the focal point of connection between team members and their leaders. However, generating reports for the same case will involve recurrent information, that will consume the time and energy of lawyers, which can be utilised elsewhere in more urgent and critical issues. To help lawyers remove redundant recurrency from their tasks, App4legal provides automation features, through which the lawyers can generate reports while investing minimum time, and generate tech reports, which would exterminate any scope for errors.

Client Management

A large or Mid-Size firm may have thousands of clients. There may be new clients coming in every week, which may attract the concern of the lawyers more and divert them from giving equal attention to their previous clients. However, every established firm knows the importance of retaining the faith of trustful clients of the firm, while creating confidence in the new clients. Hence, App4legal provides a ‘client portal’ that enables the legal firms to achieve their two-fold motto, and keep all the clients satisfied. It makes sure that the concerns of clients are heard and attended to immediately. At the same time, they feel connected to the lawyers dealing with their cases so that he/she can continuously update them regarding the progress.

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