In-house legal teams Solution

The ultimate solution that in-house legal teams need.

The ultimate in-house legal operations software that in-house legal teams need.

App4Legal is a simple, yet powerful legal department softwarethat fits seamlessly into your current workflows, integrates flawlessly with your Microsoft Office tools and adds value from day one.

Track, organize and collaborate on top of matters, cases, contracts, tasks and much more. 

In-house legal teams

Industry-leading in-house Legal software for innovative in-house teams

Streamline processes, drive efficiency, and deliver meaningful practice experiences by bringing the in-house legal team and other teams together in one platform. break the silos with other departments and deliver the ultimate quality of service from your in-house legal team.

Matter Management

App4Legal is the ultimate in-house legal matter software to consolidate and retrieve all the information that is relevant to all matters in one simple and easy to use platform.

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Task Management

App4Legal is a robust in-house legal operations software that provides a flexible and powerful platform to optimize your team’s workflows, manage tasks, assign rules, and keep track of every action taken in any matter.

Contract Management

Contract Management

A centralized contract management module that allows legal professionals to manage the processes of contract creation, analysis, drafting, approval, execution to maximize operational and financial performance at their work.

Legal practice management for Mid-Size and large Law firms

Customer Portal

A convenient and secure web space that is accessible to all teams allowing them to raise requests, share documents, forms, notes, and other matter related information through the secure customer portal.

Legal software for large and mid-size law firms

Time Tracking

Never lose a minute with time tracking again. Get all your activities, meetings and offline time captured automatically for you, so you can track projects' progress and stay updated on how the team spends its time.

Document Management

App4Legal is an all-in-one in-house legal document management system where an in-house legal team can store and collaborate on all documents from one place where you can find and share documents quickly and identify who last edited them through versioning feature that allows you to keep track of multiple variations of the document.

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Outstanding add-ons

Consolidate your operations and work directly from Outlook or Gmail. Connect your Gmail or Outlook with App4Legal to track and sync emails, add information to the system as well as access modules directly from your mail.

Collaborate Easily

Bring the in-house legal team and other teams together in one platform and give them access to legal systems. They can raise requests and check on progress themselves to get insight into how their matters are progressing.

Entity Management

Manage the Legal Corporate Data of your entities and companies in one single place by tracking all information related to shares, shareholders, board, board members, registration, legal documents, assets, reminders on important events, related matters and much more.

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Reporting Module

Generate detailed reports and provide measurable values through a flexible reporting system. App4Legal advanced reports facilitate the analysis and the control of your business with the most important KPIs and Dashboards.