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An Innovative Solution for In-house Legal Teams

A comprehensive solution that transforms the way
in-house legal teams operate. Simplify your work
processes and track your time and progress with
App4Legal Core. An all-in-one solution that replaces all
isolated tools that In-house legal teams need.

Practice with Innovation

Everything In-house legal teams need in one place

Improve your department’s productivity.
Organize your legal matters and cases, automate
and share documents easily, and streamline
collaboration with App4Legal smart solutions.

Everything In-house legal teams need in one place

Streamline Legal Matters and Case Management

Manage all corporate matters or litigation cases in a
smart and agile central software workspace.

Stay on top of your workload by comprehensively viewing all legal matters, including deadlines, budgets, and key

Collaborate with internal and external stakeholders, such as clients, colleagues, outside counsel, and vendors.

Stay on top of Legal Document Management

Quickly and easily find and access documents through a
searchable repository.

Seamless collaboration on documents between in-house
legal teams and other stakeholders.

Enhanced security features, such as version control, access controls, and audit trails, to maintain compliance with data privacy and security regulations.

Intuitive Legal e-Billing Solution for Legal Departments

All activities can be tracked  in the built-in money module
that tracks accounts, bills, expenses, invoices, statements,
reports, etc.

Streamline legal invoice review extract and analyze rich
data within invoices

Gain deep insights into legal spending, average hourly
rates, and billable hours

Track vendors’ and external advisors’ rates to collect valuable data for advanced reporting and analytics.

Security First

Your data security is our top priority. App4legal protects your data and the data of your clients with the highest-level security measures.

Enhanced organization with Advanced Task Management

Create tasks, assign them to specific team members or groups, set due dates, and prioritization.

Track tasks, status, priority, and progress to monitor tasks and ensure they are completed on time.

Set up automated workflows, such as task routing and approvals, to streamline processes and reduce manual work.

Smart Kanban boards for better agile legal project management for all in-house legal team members.

Detailed Reports and Analytics for Informed Decisions

Gain insights into the number of cases handled by the in-house legal department.

Track incoming work, legal spend, total fees of external counsel and other third-party services.

Set KPIs and track progress on how long cases are taking and
identify bottlenecks

Track task metrics, such as completion rates, time spent on tasks, and much more

Cut your Contract Lifecycle in Half with Contra

Contra is a complete Contract Lifecycle Management (CLM) and Document Automation software for your in-house legal team.

Generate & Automate Repetitive Contracts, with Custom Templates for Drafting.

Collaborate & Redline  contracts in real-time using embedded tools & off-the-shelf integrations.

Design Automated Approval Centers  with Permission-Based Access.

E-Sign  using App4Legal Sign, Adobe Sign, and DocuSign.

Track progress in real-time  on single view dashboards with custom metrics and KPIs.

Set up In-app or Email Notifications  and Reminders to ensure nothing falls through the cracks.

Store Secure and Searchable Digital Archives  that integrate with Cloud Document Management Solutions.
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An Intuitive Solution For Collaborating Across Teams

Manage internal legal requests effectively

App4Legal core streamlines collaboration between the legal team and other departments, where you can easily intake new requests and provide clear status updates on cases and documents.

Collaborate with outside counsel more effectively

App4Legal Advisor Portal centralizes all outsourced work activities and boosts collaboration between the in-house legal team and external advisors. Track progress on all matters, cases, documents, invoices, etc.

Stay organized on-the-go

App4Legal solution helps in-house legal teams stay connected to their legal matters, cases, documents, contracts, and tasks so they can work more efficiently anytime, anywhere.

Before You Decide – Try it for Free!

App4Legal is designed with in-house legal teams in mind, offering a comprehensive suite of features that can
streamline your legal operations, increase efficiency, and reduce costs.

App4Legal offers built-in collaboration tools, advanced document management, case management,
and workflow automation tools, as well as, custom reporting and analytics, over
5000 integrations, and so much more.

App4Legal is one scalable solution that will help optimize processes, drive growth, and take your practice to the next level.
Connect Your Favourite Apps

App4Legal is a full work experience that really makes a difference in your team’s performance. No
code required. Connect all your apps and get them integrated with one platform from Gmail, Outlook, Slack, Dropbox, and more.

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