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Intellectual Properties Management solution
 stay on top of your intellectual properties

App4Legal IP module is the ultimate Intellectual properties management system used by IP professionals to track, organize and control their IP matters.

Manage and control databases of trademarks, patents, logos and more. Customize the data you want to track on your IP including litigation process.

A single IP base

App4Legal IP module is the ultimate Intellectual properties management software that combines and manages all Intellectual Property information within a single platform and enables IP teams, including external contributors, to take action based on a consistent set of data.

Enhance collaboration

Gain clear collaboration between all key players in the IP lifecycle, from invention submissions to litigation. Add related tasks, upload documents, and keep up with all expenses and due dates of all IPs.

Manage renewals

App4Legal trademark management software streamlines IP processes and makes it easy to add all renewal dates, expiry dates, and all information related to your intellectual properties. Be reminded on time, where users can select certain users to be notified prior to renewal dates through popup and email.

Add petitions/ lawsuits

Easily manage all petitions, oppositions, and lawsuits. App4Legal’s Intellectual Property module makes App4Legal a complete intellectual property management system where users can add all information of petitions and lawsuits including due dates, agents, assignees, and results.

Track time

Never miss a minute. Set time logs and track the time you spend working on activities and tasks related to your Intellectual properties, so you can see exactly where the time goes and improve productivity.

Access anytime, anywhere

App4Legal IP module is a flexible and easy to use intellectual properties management solution that allows users to have access to their Intellectual properties from any location 24/7. The ultimate IP solution to get maximum control over your Intellectual Prosperity assets.

Enterprise labeled Intellectual property management system

App4Legal gives enterprises a comprehensive Intellectual properties management solution that’s easy to configure, easy to set up, and easy to use — making it easier to engage your stakeholders and manage your IP portfolio strategically.