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Interview with Jeremy Small, Advisory Board Member @ App4Legal

We had the pleasure to interview our respected Advisory Board Member, Jeremy Small, Founder and CEO at Jameson Legal and Jameson Legal Tech. Our brief conversation tackled Jeremy’s thoughts about the present & future of Legal Tech, and his opinion on the App4Legal system, in particular.

Why App4Legal?

When asked what sets App4Legal apart from other tools, Jeremy said; “I became involved with App4Legal about 18 months ago, and I was immediately struck by how useful and inexpensive the tool was”, he continues to say, “ I was amazed by the Full Spec that the software gives to lawyers to enable them to manage their entire practice and collaborate with their teams and clients”

Jeremy elaborates that most of the software he has come across, in recent years, have been more “lawyer-oriented”, rather than tackling law firms and legal teams on a larger scale. Moreover, they had much lower specs, considering their pricing.

Integrating Technology in your Law Firm, today!

When asked about integrating tech with legal practice, Jeremy says, “I think applying legal technology has become crucial for lawyers, and it’s not a choice anymore. I think that clients have been going through their own transformations, and are demanding change from lawyers to be more efficient, productive, faster…”

For Law Firms and Legal Teams looking to invest in Legal Tech, Jeremy Small advises to start by taking soundings from the lawyers in your firm, and your key clients, to see what areas need improvement.
Then you can review with your tech team to see what products you’re currently working with and how might they fit together. After that, it’s about seeing what is in the market that can cover those needs. It’s important to have a team in place to manage the integration.

We also discuss the importance of Contract Lifecycle Management; being able to fully automate your drafting – from pre-signature to post-signature. As well as, being able to store all your contracts and have full access and searchability of those contracts.

Watch the full interview, here

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