A complete legal firms software in Saudi Arabia

App4Legal is a complete legal practice management software in Saudi Arabia that enables law firms and in-house legal practitioners in KSA to manage cases and automate their work processes. 

Legal practice management software in KSA

App4Legal is the ultimate matter management software in KSA that keeps matter details organized, streamlines daily work and workflows, and allows legal practitioners to collaborate on top of corporate matters, litigation cases, contracts, and legal tasks.

App4Legal is a complete legal practice management software in KSA that makes it easy for law firms and in-house legal teams to get rid of tedious administrative tasks and simplify workflows so they have time to serve clients well.

Law firms Software in KSA trusted by Saudi Bar Association

App4Legal is the most innovative law firms software in KSA that is trusted by the Saudi Bar Association (SBA). App4Legal allows legal practitioners to take control of their practice anytime, anywhere, and integrates with other popular applications like Microsoft Outlook and Gmail.

All-in-one Solution

App4Legal is an affordable and intuitive law practice management software in Saudi Arabia that makes it easy for legal practitioners to get organized with all matters, litigation cases, legal tasks, contracts, clients, expenses, time logs, bills, calendars, Intellectual Properties, legal documents, and much more.

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Different Hosting Models

App4Legal is a web-based solution available on-server or on-cloud and supports a mobile application for both iOS & Android. Users can stay updated, productive, and get the job done anytime, anywhere.

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Supports Arabic to ease collaboration

App4Legal is a comprehensive law practice management software Saudi Arabis that is available in several languages. It supports English, French, Spanish, and Arabic, where the language is configurable based on customer needs and changed from the end-user side.

legal firms software in Saudi Arabia

24/7 Arabic support

With our clients located in numerous countries and time zones, we provide worldwide support for our clients 24/7. Wherever your business is, we will support you with your local language.