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Litigation Management Software

App4Legal Litigation Case Module is a modern Litigation Management Solution that helps Law Firms, In-house teams, and lawyers to track, organize and schedule all daily actions related to litigation cases, court stages and hearings.

One tool that replaces all the tools needed by law firms and in-house legal teams

App4Legal Litigation Case Module is a comprehensive Litigation Management System that replaces all the tools needed to track litigation data related to courts and hearings and enabling lawyers and clerks to collaborate on top of one single solution.

Litigation management solution

Centralized Platform

App4Legal tracks all details related to litigation cases in one platform. All Litigation and Hearings data including, case values, clients, opponents, courts, court numbers, stages, hearings, opponent lawyers, judges, and events will be tracked in one place, structured to ease the follow-up and the focus on next actions.

Accelerate Work Process

App4Legal allows lawyers to set up the filing, processing, approvals, appeals, and editing of litigation documents based on court protocols. It is highly configurable and enables the lawyers to setup and configure their own courts and court regions the way they want. This feature accelerates case processes by helping to define stages, roles, and permissions associated with hearings management.

litigation management system
Legal software for large and mid-size law firms

Access Information from Anywhere

The ultimate Litigation Management System that makes it easy for you to access general information quickly, look up the status of a case, the lawyers assigned to a case, the opponents you will face, the deadlines, and a well-documented history of every action that has taken place.

Keep Key Dates and Deadlines

Your team can easily see what is coming up and plan accordingly. Hearing Roll Session reports are available out-of-the-box. Several tools are available to facilitate the work of attorneys and para-legals.

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Easy-to-use Clients Portal

Keeping your clients notified on-time with a Litigation Management Software is a key objective when you are working on the Litigation Case Module of App4Legal. Provide your clients an access to their cases through App4Legal’s Client Portal. It allows you to easily share data and interact and with your clients in a flexible way and from anywhere.

App4Legal Mobile App

App4Legal Litigation Case Module is the ultimate Litigation Management Solution that makes it easy for law practitioners to follow up on their Litigation cases and work on the go in a convenient way. Its Mobile App is available both on Android & iOS.