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Legal Matter Management

A matter management software is a solution that helps lawyers to organize and manage legal matters including all related legal data and legal documents in a centralized database managed by the law firm or by the in-house legal team.

Matter Management System

App4Legal – The comprehensive legal matter management software for Law Firms and In-house legal teams. Manage Legal Matters and ensure every detail from every matter is captured. Organize & categorize your Matters, assign them, and manage them in your own workflow. App4Legal is the ultimate legal matter management system that keeps all your legal data in one place, accessible for better collaboration.

The power of having App4Legal as a modern and robust legal matter management Software

Legal advisor portal

Seamless Legal Matter Management

App4Legal ensures seamless Information management in which all your matter documents and information are stored in one platform and structured so you can easily find the needed data through our powerful search engine and regular reports.

Increase the efficiency of your team

Increase the team efficiency by boosting the collaboration among your team members. App4Legal legal matter management software allows collaborators to access the same information at the same time and to collaborate on deliverables in an efficient way, working from anywhere on any device.

Improve Client Service

Securely communicate and collaborate with your clients and give them self-service access to shared documents Client Portal.

Keep your tasks on track

App4Legal matter management system makes it easy to track all tasks related to all legal matters through a simple and an intuitive interface, while keeping team members in the loop with email notifications as tasks are updated.

Move work from anywhere, anytime

App4Legal makes it easy for you to manage legal tasks, deadlines, files, and legal matter documents from your desktop, laptop, tablet, or smartphone. Find everything you need about any legal matter in a centralized and secure interface.