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App4Legal supports in-house legal teams with integrated features across the full spectrum of smart tracking and collaboration on top of Matters, Contracts, Corporate Legal Data and Collaboration Tasks.

Organizations are expecting more from their in-house legal department. We tend to assist them in providing value, innovation, and continuous improvement in their day-to-day activities and interactions with the rest of the organization.

App4Legal is an all-in-one Industry-leading Legal solution that caters to all the needs of in-house legal practitioners, providing special professional features that enable them to streamline processes, drive efficiency, and deliver meaningful practice experiences by bringing the in-house legal team and other teams together in one platform. We support a wide range of law firms from very large to very small. Moreover, it extended its range of legal solutions to include in-house legal teams – helping them manage everyday needs such as:

Corporate Matters Management

Legal Departments are solicited on daily-basis on Legal Matters within their organization. Hundred of emails are exchanged with different parties on top of Legal Matters. Legal Practitioners can’t rely anymore on their Email Tools and Spreadsheets to track, organize and collaborate to get the job done, faster!

Our focus on App4Legal is to improve the smart tracking of legal data without the hassle of data entry and to enhance the collaboration within the Legal Department and with other departments.  Legal Practitioners will be able to receive their Matters and track them inside App4Legal Matters module, assign them, archive important information and documents in one place, accessible at any moment with flexible permission and privacy, move the matters in business workflow and involve interested parties until the Matter is closed.

In-house legal teams now can easily see what is coming up and plan accordingly. They should able to generate reports on-the-fly within seconds and share them with management and interested parties.

Contracts Management

In-house Legal Departments are dealing with hundreds of corporate agreements. These contracts are categorized; some of them are standards and others are non-standard to the business. Some of them are initiated internally and others are received from Providers, Partners, Clients, and more. Also, Contracts go into an “approval centre” workflow involving people from Finance, Sales, HR, IT, Procurement, Management and more. This is where, at App4Legal, we facilitated this task for the Legal Team with an End-to-End solution on Corporate Management, Workflow, Automation, Approval, Categorization and much more.

Legal teams will be able to track all contracts in one single place, accessible with permissions and configured privacy. With App4Legal, they will be able to generate Contracts reports with all-important meta-data that will help them in the decision-making and the control of their Business.

Litigation Management

The management of Litigation Cases and Hearing sessions is the core focus of the Litigation Team. App4Legal allows lawyers to consolidate and retrieve all the information that is relevant to Litigation Cases in one simple and easy to use the module. All Litigation Cases and Hearings data including, clients, opponents, positions, stages, hearing & courts information, dates, events, opponent lawyers, and much more will be kept in one place, which will enhance collaboration and insightful decisions.

In-house legal teams now can easily see what is coming up and plan accordingly. This great feature easily tracks dates and deadlines coming up for each hearing/matter they have in App4Legal. Litigation team will be able to generate Hearings Roll Session Reports and Tasks Roll Session Report on-the-fly.

Improving Collaboration & Self-Service

App4Legal Customer Portal is an add-on that brings the entire organization in one platform and allows in-house legal teams to collaborate and communicate with their colleagues from the other departments.

App4Legal Customer Portal gives access to the Requesters from any department to raise Legal Matters and to follow-up on existing ones from a self-service portal. Requesters can raise requests to the Legal Team and check on the progress themselves to get insights into how their matters are progressing. Requesters can communicate now with the Legal Team via one standard communication channel where the requests are raised and tracked in an organized way. App4Legal Customer Portal creates a win-win situation between the Legal Team who wants to minimize data entry & ping-pong effect, and the Requester from another department who wants self-service in a standard channel. 

Outstanding add-ons

App4Legal comes with best-in-class add-ons to integrate it with the most frequently used apps, Microsoft Outlook and Google Gmail. Google Connect and Outlook Connect are two add-ons designed to connect your emails in Gmail or Outlook with App4Legal, allowing the user to track and sync emails to App4Legal Matters, Contracts & Litigation Cases, add information to the system as well as access certain modules directly from their mails.

Through the “Quick Links,” the user will be able to access the modules in App4Legal, such as the dashboards, companies, contacts, and more, directly from Gmail or Microsoft Outlook. Moreover, the user will be able to log in certain email threads between another user, client, etc. as a matter note, a litigation case, matter, and intellectual property through the “Log E-mail as” functionality.

Time Tracking

One of the major themes you see again and again, as an in-house legal team member, is how difficult, cumbersome, and downright painful it can be to track time in tenths of an hour. App4Legal provides a proven way to track time, manage work, and have your in-house team succeed.

App4Legal gives in-house legal teams the peace of mind to create time-logs and to automate them, recording work hours, and keep everything on track with the insightful data.

Time Logs in App4Legal are designed to help Legal Managers to re-engineer his/her processes when needed and to help in taking decisions based on the capacity spent and more.

Expenses Tracking

Managing money transactions got more straightforward and quicker. App4Legal comes with an all-in-one money module, in which all money transactions can be managed and tracked. The built-in money module tracks accounts, bills, expenses, invoices, statements, reports, and more.

In-house Legal teams are now able to control legal spending, categorize them and generate reports directly from App4Legal. Estimating budgets and follow-up on expenses will be an easy mission for them with App4Legal Money module.

Advisor Portal

Advisor Portal is designed to connect the In-house Legal Team with its External Legal Advisors. The aim is having one standard channel of collaboration between the 2 parties to let them collaborate on outsourced Matters, Litigation Cases, Contracts and much more.

Expenses, Time Logs, Bills and much more will be managed in a configurable workflow.

Events, Hearings, Dates, Reminders and others will be tracked on a timely manner.

Embrace the change, track your legal data, manage your team, improve collaboration and control your business.
With App4Legal... Innovate your practice!

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