Mid-Size and Large Firms

App4Legal is a leading solution that meets the needs of all mid-size and large firms.
Discover the power of digital transformation and intelligent technologies that streamline all work processes, centralise all documents, and help your team practice with excellence and grow at every level.

One solution for all the needs of mid-size and large firms

Streamline your firm’s key processes, automate tedious tasks, simplify finances, and boost efficiencies along the way

Automate Workflows

Streamline and automate your workflow, distribute workload, boost productivity and improve efficiency across the whole firm.

Powerful Insights

Our reporting and analytics features provide you with insight and accountability on all internal processes and matters, offering valuable expertise for future business decisions.

All-in-one Place

Find relevant information, cases, contacts, workflows, templates, roles, reports, and activities instantly without shifting your focus from the practice of law.

Customer Portal

Communicate with your clients easily with App4Legal Customer Portal. Allow users to collaborate and with clients and give your clients an easy way to raise requests and be updated. More details

Streamline Finance

All money transactions are in one place. Track and manage all accounts, bills, expenses, invoices, statements, and more in a built-in building module with full accounting features.

Secured Data

Our servers and network infrastructure are located in world datacenters with 128 bit SSL data encryption and 24 x7 monitoring of the application for any threats to your data.

Work on the Go

App4Legal’s Mobile App provides you with all the information you need by accessing cases, calendar, notes, emails, documents and more from your Android or iOS devices.