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Mid-size and Large Law Firms

App4Legal comes with specific modules that answer the needs of large and mid-size law firms.

Discover the power of digital transformation and intelligent technologies that streamline all work processes, centralize all documents, and help legal teams practice with excellence and grow at every level.


Powerful Insights

Our reporting and analytics features provide you with insight and accountability on all internal processes and matters, offering valuable expertise for future business decisions.

Interact with clients

With Client Portal allow users to easily collaborate with clients, giving your clients an easy way to raise requests and stay updated on existing ones.

Multi-user profiles

Bring all parties in the legal team in one unified platform with full permission capabilities, where you can add more than one user and assign different permissions to each one of them.

legal mid-size and large firms software

A robust legal mid-size and large firms’ software that scales to your firm needs

App4Legal is the only tool a law firm needs to centralize and automate any and all management tasks; saving time, money and space. Its features streamline the firm’s key processes, automate tedious tasks, and simplify billing processes, while boosting efficiencies along the way. With the mobile app, you can quite literally access your work from anywhere, at anytime. Plus, its safe, secure and GDPR certified with ultimate data encryption and 24/7 threat monitoring. It's simple and easy to implement with a high return on investment.

More App4Legal Features

Boost collaboration with clients

Standardize the legal requests and categorize them. Interact with your clients through App4Legal's Customer Portal.

Case, Litigation and Hearings Management

Keep cases on track with centralized document storage, streamlined processes, and visibility into your firm's performance

Time Tracking

Be more productive; create project scope, record work hours and keep everything on track with the insightful data.

Document Management System​

Keep all documents in one platform where you can find and share documents quickly and identify who last edited them.

Outstanding Apps

Connect your Gmail or Outlook with App4Legal to track and sync emails, add information to the system, and access modules directly from your mail.

Generate Reports

Find out where your firm is standing. Get in-depth reports on what’s driving revenue and Identify opportunities to grow your business.

Get started today

Getting started with App4Legal is so easy. No need to fear—we have plenty of resources to help you hit the ground running!