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New & Improved App4Legal Mobile Application 

App4Legal is pleased to announce the launch of its new and improved mobile app, available for iOS and Android. Users can now experience and benefit from the App4Legal Mobile Application with an elevated user interface and UX.  

Firstly, upon opening the new application, users will see a new design for the homepage, making it easier to navigate the solution. The second update users will see is the addition of a QR Code Scanner – this has multiple different uses that vary based on mandates across different regions and jurisdictions. Third, users can contact support with one click, directly from the homepage. 

That’s not all. One of the major updates and improvements to the App4Legal Mobile Application is the agile and intuitive “Notes” section, available in litigation cases, or corporate matters. Users’ notes and comments are now designed to look and feel like chat messaging boxes. This has a direct impact on efficiency and compliance between teams – making it easy to keep track of all the feedback and comments on a particular matter or case in one place. 

Moreover, users are able to use “Speech to Text” to add notes. App4Legal Mobile App also offers an “Image to Text” Scanner, that allows its users to extract editable text directly from any image using their camera. Users are also able to send voice notes with one click, attach images and all types files, as well as preview their files and even play audio and video files, before pressing send. 

These changes also appear in multiple places in the App4Legal system. Anywhere users see the attachment icon, they can benefit from these above-mentioned features. 

App4Legal continues to innovate and update its solutions to disrupt the legal industry and revolutionize legal practice for practitioners worldwide.