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As you may know, App4Legal 360 Docs is an all-in-one smart and searchable, central repository embedded in App4Legal Core. It is used to store all your personal and shared documents on App4Legal, and on other Cloud Doc. Management Solutions, such as; Google Drive, One Drive, Dropbox, SharePoint, etc. In this blog, we’re tackling the Office 365 Integration with App4Legal Documents. 

So, App4Legal Documents, which is the section that comprises of all the Documents you stored in App4Legal, now supports all Office 365 functionalities. This means users can access their documents, edit them in real-time, share, and more – directly through App4Legal. 

Similar to how Microsoft Word, Excel, and PowerPoint work on Office 365, App4Legal Docs now offers fully-fledged office features and functions on your existing documents, sheets, PDFs, and slides stored in App4Legal. 

Consequently, this new Office 365 Integration for App4Legal Documents is a huge enhancement, saving countless hours by enabling real-time collaboration and redlining, reducing errors related to version control and naming inconsistencies, and making sure everyone concerned is on the same page. 

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