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App4Legal Bank-Level Security Standards

The software provider you trust to protect your data and the data of your clients with bank level security measures.

GDPR Compliant is a resource for organizations and individuals researching the General Data Protection Regulation. Here you’ll find a library of straightforward and up-to-date information to help organizations achieve GDPR compliance.

PIPEDA Compliance

PIPEDA applies to the collection, use and disclosure of personal information in the course of a commercial activity and across borders. PIPEDA also applies within provinces without substantially similar private sector privacy legislation.

App4Legal Security

Your data security is our top priority at App4legal.  App4Legal has taken the effort to make sure that our software is encrypted and complies with industry best practices with regard to managing client data in order to provide the best security standards available.  For a detailed overview of our security and data privacy measure click here.

SSL Encryption

The data in transit is secured by App4Legal using bank-grade TLS/SSL (Secure Sockets Layer) 256-bit encryption. 


Login is a function that automatically delays your ability to log in after a predetermined number of unsuccessful tries. 

Password Policies

App4legal stores passwords using Bcrypt hashing with Salt and utilizes the password strength guidelines to evaluate whether a new password is legitimate

Credit Card/Subscription Information Security

To preserve your privacy and the security of your information, SSL encryption is used to secure all sensitive connections, including those involving credit cards. 

Geographic Redundancy

App4legal has geographic redundancy in place.

Advanced Featured Security in App4Legal

Mobile Device Security

Your credentials are shielded from outside sniffing by the App4Legal Mobile App’s use of Access Tokens to authenticate with the Core application. 


When adding a new user to your App4Legal account, account permissions are a crucial factor to take into mind. 

It’s important to consider how the responsibilities people perform in your firm or organization relate to your account with App4Legal. 

Audit Log

For debugging reasons, App4legal’s user audit login collects user email, login date, result, IP address, and other data. 


The Groups feature lets you classify different user types into specific categories or groups. The groupings may be “Partners,” “Attorneys,” “Paralegals,” or “Assistants” for various businesses. 

Monitoring Account Sessions

Additionally, through the App4Legal Security settings, you can benefit from the ability  to  see  what  IP  addresses  your  users  are  using  to  get  into your App4Legal account.

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