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Small law firms

Small law firms, like any small business, need to make the most of their resources. App4Legal is an enterprise system embodying friendliness and flexibility. It comes with modules and editions that make it the ultimate platform for all law firms. As App4Legal is modular in all its entirety, it doesn’t matter whether you are a 3 or 5 person law firm; we cater to each and every one of you. 


Gain full financial visibility

Track your time, expenses, bills, and invoices. Control your accounting books for better performance & profitability.

Track everything

Reduce administrative tasks and track all data related to your clients, suppliers, matters, cases, expenses, bills and more in one single place.

Work from anywhere, at anytime

You can also access your matters, documents, contacts, notes, tasks, and calendar from your mobile device through App4Legal Mobile App.

small law firms software

Focus on what matters, and let App4Legal do the rest

As a small law firm, overwhelming tasks and workload is inevitable. We want to help you out by reducing this workload, leaving you more time to focus on the essence of your work and the growth of your firm. App4Legal is a comprehensive solution managing all key details of matters, cases and clients. You can even archive emails directly from your inbox onto the platform. Above all, with App4Legal you can work from anywhere at anytime with a secure, cloud-based software accessible on mobile or computer.

More App4Legal Features

Generate Reports

Find out where your firm is standing. Get in-depth reports on what’s driving revenue and Identify opportunities to grow your business.

Boost collaboration with clients

Standardize the legal requests and categorize them. Interact with your clients through App4Legal's Customer Portal.

Case Management

Keep cases on track with centralized document storage, streamlined processes, and visibility into your firm's performance

Financial Management​

Track all money transactions in a built-in billing module with full accounting features that maximize efficiency and revenues.

Document Management System​

Keep all documents in one platform where you can find and share documents quickly and identify who last edited them.

Integrate your emails

Connect your Gmail or Outlook with App4Legal to track and sync emails, add information to the system, and access modules directly from your mail.

Get started today

Getting started with App4Legal is so easy. No need to fear—we have plenty of resources to help you hit the ground running!