Small law firms

Small law firms, like any small business, need to make the most of their resources.App4Legal is the ultimate practise management solution for small law firms that need to Improve legal practice, save time on administrative tasks, increase revenue and manage cases from intake to settlement – All in one place.

Focus on what matters, and let App4Legal do the rest

Keep your practices organized, your case information rich in detail and accessible on every device

Track Money Transactions

Maximize efficiency and revenues and tack all money transactions in a built-in billing module with full accounting features.

Work from anywhere

Access your matters, documents, contacts, notes, and calendar from your mobile device through App4Legal Mobile App

Track everything

Remove administrative tasks, get clarity on where your time and effort are going and spend less time tracking your hours.

Go Paperless

Keep all documents in one platform where you can find and share documents quickly and identify who last edited them.

Generate Reports

Find out where your firm is standing. Get in-depth reports on what’s driving revenue and Identify opportunities to grow your business.