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Software Advice Named App4Legal  “FrontRunner” Among  Top Players Providing Legal Document Management Systems 

Legal practitioners face unique document management challenges. Largest among them: the very high quantity of paper documents legal practices use. Legal documents are also subject to varying confidentiality and privacy regulations, which mandate how these documents can be accessed, stored, changed and distributed.

Within the broad genre of content management software (CMS) is a category that addresses the specific challenges legal practitioners in law firms and in the in-house legal departments face.

What is legal document management software?

It is a form of document management software made specifically for lawyers, law firms, or any entity operating in the field of law. It is distinct from legal practice management software, which has a broader set of functionality, including tools to keep the firm’s internal processes and external filings on time and on track.

Legal document management software is intended to help lawyers achieve a variety of goals. Speaking broadly, these goals include:

  • Increasing productivity by making documents easier to find, search, access, and share.
  • Improving the security and confidentiality of important documents by preventing unauthorized access.
  • Adding consistency to internal and external documents by managing all of them through a common platform.


App4Legal: the FrontRunner Among top players in Legal Document Management Systems

The FrontRunners methodology uses recent, published user reviews to score products on two primary dimensions: Usability on the x-axis and Customer Satisfaction on the y-axis. Data sources include approved user reviews, public data sources and data from technology vendors. The FrontRunners reports use a snapshot of review data from a defined time frame and are not updated after publication.

App4Legal has been considered for inclusion in the FrontRunners competition for meeting a number of criteria. These criteria include the following:

  • Product has at least 20 unique product reviews published on Software Advice within 24 months of the start of the research process for a given report. Two years of reviews provide a sample that we have determined is large enough and recent enough to be valuable to buyers.
  • For FrontRunners Industry View reports, the product has at least 5 product reviews from users in the concerned industry. These reviews should have been published on Software Advice within 24 months of the start of the research process for a given report.
  • The product shows evidence of offering required functionality as demonstrated by publicly available sources, such as the vendor’s website.

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About Software Advice: 

Software Advice is a company founded in 2005 and provides advisory services, research, and user reviews on software applications for businesses in over 300 market categories.

The company advises buyers on software products via free telephone consultations with software analysts. The Software Advice website gives pricing and demo information on individual systems, as well as market reports based on buyer interactions, and detailed reviews and comparisons. The company’s reports have been used as a source of expertise in Forbes, Entrepreneur, Huffington Post, Business Insider, Yelp, Inc., and The Wall Street Journal among others.

About App4Legal: The Ultimate Legal Document System for Legal Practitioners 

App4Legal is the robust and all-in-one law practice management solution that replaces all the tools lawyers need to manage their legal matters, contracts, money transactions, reports, and much much more.  App4Legal is a modular system that comes with robust legal document management features that make it easy for users to keep legal documents, agreements, notes, and emails organized by matter, indexed and searchable. It is like a virtual file cabinet with a variety of cases in one place. For the sake of convenience, App4Legal is compliant with the security requirements of sensitive data protection and GDPR certified. It offers a secure way of sharing and storing documents of different types in one place.

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