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App4Legal Solutions for Mid-Sized Law Firms

End-to-end legal management solution for mid-sized law firms to streamline all cases, matters, client communications, legal billing, task automation, and more on a central & secure digital workspace.

Focus on what matters

Comprehensive Law Practice Management Solution for Mid-Sized Law Firms

Maximize Efficiency for Case and Matter Management

Speed up processes with smart automation features such
as automated data entry, task delegation, reminders, and

Consolidate all case and matter info to create a central source of truth, and securely access related data, hearings, appointments, documents, communication and more.

Focus on growing your firm and client base without
routine tasks cluttering your work.

Minimize human errors and costs with comprehensive
technology using an extremely user-friendly interface.

Boost Firm Performance with Legal Billing Solutions

Create custom invoice templates with real-time information via an easy-to-use financial form builder, and send those invoices to clients via embedded email tools.

Keep team members on track with self-scheduling
software and organize meeting times that work for

Deliver a consistent and efficient automated billing
with detailed information in the invoices sent to your clients.

Log time and keep track of billable hours in one
centralized location, without the need to communicate
individually with each lawyer.

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Manage Documents and Store Secure Digital Archives

Store searchable digital archives in one secure and
accessible space with full Office 365 integration.

Avoid versioning issues, naming inconsistencies, and
time wasted searching for data.

Keep track of changes made with automatic updates when redlining and enjoy smooth and seamless collaboration in real-time.

Link documents with specific Cases, Matters, Tasks, Contacts, Invoices, and more for accessibility.

Real-Time Custom Dashboards & Reporting

Enjoy Full visibility on performance and progress using single-view dashboards that you can customize to track virtually any metric you wish to track.

Generate reliable data-driven insights that help you
monitor your firm, drive strategic business decisions using
custom KPIs and plan your growth strategy.

Keep track of team progress and optimize workflows for
efficiency and maximum productivity.

Generate customizable reports in minutes with the ability to export them in different formats

Cut your Contract Lifecycle in Half with Contra

Contra is a complete Contract Lifecycle Management (CLM) and Document Automation software for your medium sized law firm.

Generate & Automate Repetitive Contracts,  with Custom Templates for Drafting.

Collaborate & Redline  contracts in real-time using embedded tools & off-the-shelf integrations.

Design Automated Approval Centers  with Permission-Based Access.

E-Sign  using App4Legal Sign, Adobe Sign, and DocuSign.

Track progress in real-time  on single view dashboards with custom metrics and KPIs.

Set up In-app or Email Notifications  and Reminders to ensure nothing falls through the cracks.

Store Secure and Searchable Digital Archives  that integrate with Cloud Document Management Solutions.

One Law Practice Management Solution For Everyone In Your Law Firm

Administration Team



Associates & Paralegals


IT Managers

Security First

Your data security is our top priority. App4legal protects your data and the data of your clients with the highest-level security measures

The Ultimate Solution All Law Firms Need

Transform how you run your law practice, using legal practice management software that can reduce errors, increase efficiency, and deliver outstanding results to clients.

Reduce the time you spend on burdensome tasks

Control of all your data
on one system

Electronic archiving for all documents

Before You Decide – Try it for Free!

Track and organize your growing caseloads, client information, and vital documents. Empower your firm to efficiently handle current operations while ensuring a flexible solution that can adapt and evolve alongside your continued growth. This strategic investment maximizes productivity and enables you to deliver exceptional legal services with unwavering confidence.

Connect Your Favourite Apps

App4Legal is a full work experience that really makes a difference in your team’s performance. No
code required. Connect all your apps and get them integrated with one platform from Gmail, Outlook, Slack, Dropbox, and more.

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