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About Al Ghurair

Al Ghurair Investment is one of the largest diversified family business groups in the Middle East, with operations in seven distinct industry sectors: foods, resources, properties, construction, energy, transportation and ventures. Established in 1960 as a trading business, Al Ghurair was one of the first pillars of industry and commerce in the emerging United Arab Emirates. Today, the Al Ghurair family name has become synonymous with the heritage, evolution and vision of the prestigious country. Headquartered in Deira, the business’ diversified operations span more than 50 countries across the globe, employing approximately 28,000 people. With a proud history of innovation and entrepreneurship, today Al Ghurair Investment continues to build on its 60-legacy, founded on a solid commitment to excellence and trust.

About Rizwan Rasool

Rizwan’s ten years of legal practice stretches across a range of sectors like telecommunication, broadcasting, oil & gas, hospitality and real estate. His main area of practice is construction arbitration and corporate & commercial law. He has also assisted some clients on acquisition finance (equity as well as debt financing) and securitization by way of mortgages, pledges and charges. He has set up several joint ventures in the region and is also well versed in intra-group reorganization/restructuring. He has an in-depth understanding of the investment arrangements in the UAE free zones and mainland. 
Having drafted human resource policies, employees’ code of conduct, secondment agreements and employment contracts for various clients including some listed companies, he is also well versed in employment laws.

Case Study

We had the pleasure of sitting with Mr. Rizwan Rasool, Group Legal Counsel at Al Ghurair to discuss his journey with App4Legal and the effects of innovative legal software on productivity and team effectiveness. 

Rizwan told App4Legal that the legal team at Al Ghurair is sizable and receives a huge volume of legal requests across all business units and subsidiaries. Before implementing App4Legal, it was not practical or even possible to accurately and efficiently track down who is handling what. In order to have greater visibility on progress and accountability, Rizwan saw that it was necessary to implement a software solution for overall management. 

App4Legal was recommended to Al Ghurair by one of their external advisors that was helping with digital transformation and upgrades to their legal work processes. They came up with a few options of legal tech to choose from, and ultimately went with App4Legal for the solution’s ease of use and dedication to the legal field.

We chose App4Legal for two main reasons. The first is the simplicity of the platform. The second, and most important reason, is their industry experience in this field. App4Legal specializes in software solutions dedicated to work management for law firms and in house legal teams. App4Legal is specifically tailored for legal teams.”

App4Legal Features that Boost Productivity at Al Ghurair

The Legal Team at Al Ghurair had found App4Legal to be the most suitable for their industry, internal requirements, and more specifically, their region. Rizwan explains that App4Legal is the best choice for law firms and in-house legal teams in the UAE, specifically. On top of that, the ability to customize every aspect of the software proved to be crucial in choosing App4Legal.

The most suitable software available for law firms or in-house legal teams in the UAE is App4Legal. We knew that we would need to tailor the legal tech to fit our needs, and App4Legal allowed us to customize and configure the system until we were satisfied with the structure. We found it to be the most suitable.

Full Visibility & Ease of Tracking Team Progress 

Rizwan describes the nature of the workflows before implementing App4Legal. Legal requests were being sent to the legal team from a plethora of different sources, with little to no visibility regarding where requests were sourced from, and who was handling the request internally.  

Once they started implementing App4Legal, they were able to track which unit is raising legal requests and how many, as well as getting useful data on how long it takes the team to close a project.

There is a single front door. All legal requests go to the person in charge of the legal unit. We can track who in that team is working on the request. So, from clients’ side we know where request came from, and internally within our team we are able to see who is in charge, and how long it is taking them to close the project.

Increased Efficiency and Smooth Workflows

Rizwan describes the efficiency and effectiveness of the App4Legal software; emphasizing the smooth functioning and streamlined workflows. App4Legal has simplified the overall process, rendered it trackable, and enabled proper, secure work records. 

Given that Al Ghurair legal team receives a massive volume of requests, one of the main features that drives productivity and efficiency is the new-found organizational structure that App4Legal offers its users. Not only is everything traceable, but it is also easy to centralize and extract useful information that enables the optimization of workflows to increase efficiency.

App4Legal provides one agile space for all incoming legal requests and allows the team to properly distribute work based on the role of each team member. Moreover, we’re able to keep secure work records, track work progress, and optimize our internal workflows. This is very valuable to us.

Effective and Flexible Training for All Users

One of the highest rated aspects of Al Ghurair’s digital transformation journey using App4Legal technology is the training. App4Legal has a dedicated training team that ensures all users are maximizing their use of the technology.

In the training, there was a lot of flexibility from App4Legal, the training team was readily available as per our needs and the entire training process was very comprehensive. Everything was satisfactory. Now, we don’t really need a lot of support, because our legal team is well-versed in using the software, but whenever we raise requests, we usually get support very quickly.

We highly recommend App4Legal to law firms or legal teams dealing with a large volume of work. The solution is very helpful. I believe that technology has enhanced all aspects of our work. It’s important that we adopt tech in order to keep up with the changing work environment. All in all, we’ve had a great experience with App4Legal.