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About Al Nahar:   

Nahar Law Firm and Legal Consultation is one of the leading companies in the legal profession in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. The team consists of a distinguished elite of professional cadres of lawyers and consultants with different and diverse legal cultures in most areas of law. 
The company provides legal services of high quality and professional performance, which serve individuals, private companies and government sectors, and has an excellent record in completing legal work within a professional legal work team.

About Mr. Mohamad Hassan Nahar:

Mr. Mohamad Hassan Nahar is a prominent legal professional who has made significant contributions to the legal industry in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. His career began in 1999 as a legal agent in the office of Muhammad Kreik. He later became a consultant in 1423 AH and went on to become the Head of the legal profession until he was issued a license to practice law in 1427 AH. In that same year, he founded the Nahar Company, which includes lawyers, consultants, and arbitrators, based in Makkah. The company was honored and licensed by the General Administration of Law Firm under License No. (27/50) and has since been developed and led by elite lawyers and experienced legal advisors. With extensive knowledge in various legal and Sharia fields, Nahar Company has become one of the most important law firms and legal advisors in Saudi Arabia, particularly in the Makkah region. 

Case Study

As one of the oldest law firms in Saudi Arabia, Al Nahar Law Firm has amassed vast experience in the legal industry of this region, and worldwide. Having used many tools and programs in the past, none had proven effective for their practice. Luckily, and through word of mouth, Mr. Mohamad Nahar heard about App4Legal, and soon after that, had a meeting with the App4Legal Team.  

We have used many other tools and programs, but none of these tools gave us the expected level of effectiveness and efficiency. They were not accurate enough to keep up with our work. I heard about App4Legal through a conversation with a colleague about best practices for running a law firm. We love the software and have been using it for years, now.

Features that drive Productivity for Al Nahar Law Firm

App4Legal offers an increasingly wide range of tools and features that cover every module and function needed by any legal team in any country or region. This is true for Al Nahar Law Firm, according to Mr. Mohamad Nahar.

App4Legal is an all-encompassing, comprehensive solution that has, in fact, replaced all the other tools we use. It is easy, fast, flexible, and automates most of our work operations. It also secures all our information.

Smart & Searchable Repository

App4Legal offers a robust and versatile repository that allows users to access App4Legal Documents, as well as use Office 365, and integrate with all cloud document management solution such as Dropbox, SharePoint, One Drive…etc. Mr. Mohamad Nahar and the team at Al Nahar Law Firm were impressed with the ease of use and wide range of features. 

App4Legal makes it extremely easy to manage, edit, share, and store files or legal documents directly within the system. We can efficiently search for, review, and extract needed data from the repository, and have clear visibility on modifications to documents; precisely when changes were made and by whom.

Seamless & Secure Communication 

According to the team at Al Nahar, App4Legal has revolutionized collaborative work at their firm. Mr. Mohamad Nahar emphasizes increased efficiency when it comes to following up with clients or other team members; making sure everyone is updated and on the same page.

App4Legal empowers our lawyers to communicate and collaborate seamlessly with their clients and colleagues, anytime and anywhere. This drives efficiency and productivity like never before; making it fast & easy to get things done on the fly.” 

Exceptional Training & Support 

When asked about Al Nahar Law Firm’s experience with the App4Legal Support & Training team, Mr. Mohamad Nahar praised the team for their consistent and thoughtful work. 

I am totally satisfied with the training and support provided by the App4Legal team! They always provide us with the needed support and show us how to get the max out of App4Legal tools and features. They reply to our questions and inquiries in a timely manner.” 

I always recommend App4Legal to my colleagues and friends. Recently I have recommended it to more than six legal professionals.”