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About the client

Emirates NBD is one of the leading banks in the Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC) region. The bank has a significant retail banking franchise in the UAE and is a key participant in the global digital banking industry, with over 90 per cent of all financial transactions and requests conducted outside of its branches. The bank was declared the Most Innovative Financial Services Organization of the Year at the 2017 BAI Global Innovation Awards. Emirates NBD currently has 233 branches in the UAE and overseas.

The challenge

The in-house legal team in Emirates NBD was working on several tools where some of them are in-house made and collaborating with different parties over emails. They were challenged on the visibility and the control of all legal activities inside the team for the group.

Emirates NBD had accumulated years of legal data in their emails and the isolated tools. Legal documents were saved separately on server disk drive. They realized that they are wasting time, energy,  and money performing unnecessary administrative tasks and trying to keep up with their workload using a cumbersome, ad-hoc system.

The legal team in the Headquarter is responsible for managing litigation and corporate matters; where branches and other departments used to raise a request through the website to be handled by the legal department accordingly, this requires the legal team to look for a flexible solution that makes it easy for them to track and follow up with legal matters raised by different branches and departments.

They were also having a challenge in bringing real-time visibility into the exposures and expenses every legal matter entailed, manage client’s data, store documents, streamline multiple matters scattered across geographies, and create a seamless workflow across various business functions including legal and finance.

The partnership

We provided Emirates NBD with App4Legal as an intelligent and unified platform for the Enterprise Legal Ecosystem driving Digital Transformation to the next level.

App4Legal enabled the in-house legal team in Emirates NBD to efficiently and cost-effectively deliver legal services by providing a platform suited best to eliminate various challenges that their legal department has been facing.

App4Legal helped the in-house legal team to integrate documents, legal cases and matters, and other administrative functions in one platform with greater efficiency and ease of use. App4Legal works as a securely self-hosted system that allows legal practitioners to retain full control of files and legal operations.

The results

App4Legal proves how investing in the right legal software would help in-house legal departments achieve a higher proficiency level faster than before, and how that allows them to be better contributors to business success.

The top business benefits the Emirates NBD bank is seeing as a result of using App4Legal

Centralized Workflows

App4Legal enabled the Emirates NBD to standardize the requests coming from third parties, tailor their workflows and the meta-data to capture in one single platform. this enabled them to gain 360 degree visibility on all matters, to categorize them and manage them in one centralize place, accessible with permissions and business rules.

Communication Management

Through App4Legal, the legal department in Emirates NBD is now able to manage requests raised by different branches and departments. The head of the legal department can organize, delegate matters, follow up, monitor, and generate timely reports without losing track of the matter and its details.

Integrate with Outlook

Outlook Connect is one of the most popular features enabled in-house legal department at Emirates NBD to effortlessly sync emails, add information, and check on the latest updates and documents directly from App4Legal.

App4Legal Customer Portal

With App4Legal Customer Portal, the legal department in Emirates NBD was able to put in place different SLAs on different request types and standardize the communication channel with the requesters from other departments and branches. They were able to put a self-service portal where updates on matters, cases, contracts, legal transactions are shared on timely manner.