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About Jadwa Co. & Law Firm

Jadwa Co & Law Firm was established in May 2020 to keep pace with the development in providing legal services to individuals, institutions and companies through approved quality standards and advanced technical methods and means, by following the best methodologies and practices in the legal field by a specialized team of highly qualified and experienced lawyers and consultants in order to guarantee our clients access to optimum results in accordance with the highest professional standards.

About Atty. Abdullah Alshehri  

Atty. Abdullah Zafer Alshehri Practicing Lawyer, founded a legal company Jadwa Co. & Law Firm with 3 partners and more than 15 employees of various positions. Managed more than 360 cases at a time with a winning rate of around 90%. He completed more than 1500 cases in the last 3 years. Signed more than 15 long-term representation agreements with companies and foreign consulates, and helped them study and rectify business practices, resulting in the collection and saving of large amounts of money. 

Case Study

Jadwa Co. & Law Firm discovered App4Legal in 2017, after sifting through several legal practice management solutions online. The team at Jadwa Law needed a flexible system for managing legal practices that supports the Arabic language.

What made App4legal special was that it was a complete law practice management system, that replaces all the other tools we use, and that supports Arabic language and formatting. Additionally, we found its price to be extremely competitive compared to other systems.

Features that drive Productivity at Jadwa Co. & Law Firm

At first, they started using App4Legal to manage files, as they used to rely heavily on email and manual work for cases, litigations, and updates. Now, Abdullah Alshehri says that they rely entirely on the system to manage updates, issues, sessions, and tasks.

App4Legal is very flexible and suitable for all team members. We use the software to do more than 90% of our daily office work. We rely on it as the main and indispensable tool for managing cases, lawsuits, and files and sharing updates and developments.

Managing Litigation Cases 

Before the system, we used to enter data and updates on the litigation sessions manually. We were missing some of the dates of the sessions. We also had difficulty adding updates as soon as they occurred.

Abdullah Alshehri describes how easy and effective litigation management is with App4Legal. The ability to centralize all the related data, notes, documents, and tasks for a specific case means fast, easy, and secure access for the whole team. Additionally, App4Legal is compatible with KSA regulations, and this helps lawyers manage cases and matters much more easily and quickly. 

Central Electronic Archiving

The team at Jadwa Co. & Law Firm is happy with the organization and structure that has come out of using App4Legal.

The App4Legal software helped us a lot in organizing files and documents related to cases and clients through the legal documents management function. We are now able to access and update the data while archiving and classifying all document contents.” 

Tracking Workflows & Communicating with Clients

Using App4Legal, Abdullah Alshehri explains how easy it is to track all tasks and workflows, with an indication of the stages of lawsuits and litigation sessions since allocating the case to the lawyer. It is easy to add and keep track of all the necessary data, and to follow up on the case. Additionally, he describes the improvement in client relationships. 

App4Legal allows for smooth and continuous communication with clients. When sharing developments and documents or following up on scheduled appointments The software allows us to manage all clients and their files with notifications regarding cases, sessions, and other important dates.” 

Dedicated Training & Support

Jadwa Co. & Law Firm praises App4Legal for outstanding ongoing support from day one. Abdullah Alshehri describes how dedicated the App4Legal Training team is, making sure that their legal team understood the ins and outs of the software. 

The training and support teams are exceptional! They helped us get acquainted with the modules and the features. They took the time to show us best practices and how to get the max out of our investment. They thoughtfully explained how to double our productivity, save time and effort, and facilitate the work of law practitioners at the office.” 

I have been using the program since 2017 and I recommend the program to all lawyers and law firms as a complete law practice management system for managing all cases, legal matters, tasks, litigations, and documents. It reduces human errors. It makes it easy to search for accurate details and developments. It really saves so much time and effort!”